Friday, December 11, 2009

friday +/-

I haven't done a good +/- list in a while. As usual, I will begin with the -'s, so as to end the week on a good note.

- It's cold outside! You would think, being a native New Yorker, that I would be used to this sort of weather but I'm not. I don't like it. I haven't been waking up early, I've resorted to running on the treadmill, and Seamus is already putting on his winter weight because I can't stand to take him on anything but short and fast walks. Boo hoo.

- My creative nonfiction class met for the last time this week. I ended up really enjoying that class and will miss it very much.

- Glee had a mid-season finale and won't be back with new episodes until April. What is a mid-season finale? And why do all the shows I like have weird seasons? (I'm looking at you, Lost.)

+ Despite pronouncing, often and openly, my hatred of the treadmill, I've come to actually sort of kind of like it this week. It's way better than running in 25 degree weather, and it makes it much easier to do speed workouts.

+ Coming out as an MFA applicant on this here blog was a huge relief. I don't like keeping secrets from my readers/friends, and the support and encouragement left in the comments definitely makes it worthwhile.

+ Figuring out some tricky database things at work. I won't go into details, because they're boring, but for once I'm making forward progress instead of constantly going backwards and rewriting/reworking the same old policies and procedures.

+ It's Friday, it's cold and it's supposed to rain, and my only plans tonight involve going home straight after work, making a pot of black bean chili and a pan of polenta, and watching a movie while I cuddle on the couch with my boy and my dog. I am very excited about this prospect, and I hope that you have planned an equally cozy evening.

Happy weekend!