Tuesday, December 29, 2009

resolutions in review

Before I post my much awaited New Year's resolutions for OH TEN, let's take a look back at last year's and see how I did.

In 2009, I vowed to 1. Read a minimum of 25 books. Unfortunately, I only made it to 14 (though I did start reading What I Talk About When I Talk About Running the other day, and will probably finish it just in time!). I can blame this travesty on many things - mainly the fact that I took a class both semesters and spent all my time reading and critiquing short stories instead of devouring novels - but the truth is I spent a lot of time watching the Daily Show, 30 Rock and Glee, leaving my books to languish on the bedside table. Lesson learned.

Despite not completing my first resolution, my second was accomplished in a big way. I made a promise to 2. Run a Half Marathon, which I did in October. Go, me! 

While my credit card is (still) not completely paid off, I did make a lot of progress in that area, and I have definitely lived within (and even below) my means. We also paid off our car AND I managed to get my family very good Christmas presents. So while I'm not quite out of the red, I do feel like 3. My finances are under control.

Resolution number four was an old favorite, one which makes an appearance every year. It was, simply, to Write. I didn't have a specific goal this year, just an idea - that I would write something most days, in the hopes of producing work that I could be proud of. While I didn't write as often as I'd like, I did write more than ever before. (Those two writing workshops helped a lot.) I also put together a portfolio for graduate school and when I get back to Texas, I plan to start submitting the six pieces that are currently basically finished. Success!

And finally, in 2009 I resolved to 5. Be More. This past year, I have come to accept and even embrace the fact that I am not a half-way kind of person. I can't do things on a small scale. If I give up red meat, I have to go vegan. If I run a 5K, a marathon is inevitable. If I have a great time taking a writing class, I need to apply to MFA programs and make writing my life's purpose. I think 2009 was a good lesson in this fact, and that I am better person for allowing myself to do - and be - as much as I want and need.

2009, it's been awesome. Thanks for the good memories, the tough lessons, the accomplishments and the failures. I've learned a lot and feel more than ready to take on OH TEN. See you then!