Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ten goals for oh ten

This year I've decided to make goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions imply wrongs that must be righted, inadequacies that must be addressed - like quit smoking, be more assertive, lose weight. I'm at a stage in my life where there isn't really anything I want to change - only things I want to accomplish. Therefore, I'm calling this a list of goals for the New Year, and I'm looking forward to achieving each of them. In no particular order:

Goal 1: Get Published. Time to start sending things to magazines and journals and seeing what happens. This past year I've had two really encouraging mentors who have given me some solid advice about the biz. I'm ready to put it into practice!

Goal 2: Run a marathon. February 14, 2010. It's closer than it seems!

Goal 3: Complete a century ride. That would be 100 miles on the road bike. I did 72 miles last year. 100 would be amazing!

Goal 4: Cook (almost) every recipe from Veganomicon. I credit this cookbook with my veganism - everything I've learned, all the risks I've taken, the new ingredients I've tried - Veganomicon held my hand through every single one. And yet I've only made about a quarter of the recipes in it's pages. I'm not promising a Julie & Julia, but I can get close.

Goal 5: Have at least one adventure per month. You know, so when I do my round up of 2010, there are no dry spells, no weeks here and there were I got lazy and let the days slip by. Monthly adventures will require some advanced planning, but that shouldn't be an issue for me. ;)

Goal 6: Get finances under control once and for all. Finish paying off credit card. Save lots and lots of money. The usual.

Goal 7: Clear the clutter from my home, my life and my living areas. I started doing this when I read Clear You Clutter over Thanksgiving, but then I had to take a break when we left for the holidays. When I get back, it's on.

Goal 8: Learn to brew beer. Yum!

Goal 9: Discover and embrace my personal style. Despite being in my late 20's and having one foot firmly through the "grown up" door, I still kind of dress like a senior in college. I've been updating my wardrobe slowly but surely, and this year I would like to have an actual "look" - something young, but professional. Free spirited, but put together. Simple, but polished. It's time!

Goal 10: Read 25 books before 2011. Last year I made it to 15. This year I'm going to do better. First up is a collection of stories by Alice Munroe.

I think that'll keep me busy for twelve months. What do you have on your agenda for OH TEN? Inspire me!