Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dream world

I've been having crazy dreams the last three nights, and I'm not sure why. Not good dreams, either. I tend to lean towards the horror genre when it comes to my sleeping hours. Here are the latest three examples:

Sunday night: I dream that Nathan has a second girlfriend named Becky. He is very matter of fact about this girlfriend, as well as unrepetent. When we wake up, I causally tell him over coffee that his friend Becky called the day before. He looks confused, and asks, "Who?" Well played, Nathan. Well played.

Monday night: A zombie dream. I often have zombie dreams, which is why I shy away from zombie movies. Alas, we listened to the audio book of World War Z on our drive back to Texas, and many of the details from that story worked their way into my dream. This time, I was hiding in a house that was being attacked by hordes of zombies. It was terrifying and there was no way out - until we discovered that, when we sang, the zombies all fell into a fitful, moaning sleep. So we raced around the house, singing at the top of our lungs (apparently zombies like off-key singing, because even in my dreams I'm no American Idol) until they had been disarmed. Then, still singing, we left the house, stepped around them, and raced for safety.

Last night: I went to SeaWorld, where there were offering chances to walk a dolphin. Basically, you entered a room with a large pool that was filled with dolphins on leashes, took a leash, and walked the perimeter of the pool while the dolphin swam alongside you. I wanted a turn, but the attendant told me the current group had just entered and walks were ten hours long. Instead, I went to another room where another attendant was teaching people how to butcher and prepare dolphin meat for human consumption. Naturally, I was horrified by this and proceeded to lecture everyone present about how dolphins just as smart us, asking how they could rationalize eating one animal (dolphins, chickens, etc) and not others (dogs and cats).

Moral of the story: My brain is a very weird place.