Friday, January 22, 2010

friday +/-

Vegan french toast at Brooklyn's best breakfast joint, Boneshakers!

As it turns out, there is a + and - of every situation. For example, Boneshakers - a cafe catering to bicyclist AND vegans - exists, and this is awesome! This blessed existence, however, is limited to Brooklyn, which is not good news for a hungry vegan in Texas. Here are some more +/- examples of this past week:

+ Clementines are delicious, in season, and high in Vitamin C! - Which is necessary because I've had and/or have been fighting a cold all week.

+ It's the first week of school at SFA, which is always an exciting time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and notebooks just waiting to be filled. - I am not taking any classes this semester because nothing really worked with the my schedule. Also college students need driving lessons, bad.

- Nathan left for Bastrop this morning, so he can take part in a 24 hour adventure race with his brother and two other dudes. I will miss him, but + welcome the chance to have a weekend to myself. Also, Seamus will be with me for both companionship and protection. Seriously. Look at this dog. He's dangerous!

+ I received my new job description today and half of it sounds fine, similar to what I was doing in Digital Projects. Yay for that. - The other half is probably going to make me want to hide under a rock. Trying to stay positive though, so... + I will most likely need to go to Austin for additional training. I love any excuse to go to Austin!

And here's just a bunch of +'s, because I am generally a + kind of person: my legs are sore from the 20 cumulative miles and the three yoga classes I've already completed this week, and there's still tomorrow's 90 minute yoga class AND a long run on Sunday to look forward to; I've been eating really well all week and feeling great because of it; I've been de-cluttering and reorganizing my closet all week, and am already rediscovering things I didn't even know I had; I started reading Middlesex and so far, so awesome; have I mentioned lately how much I love my boyfriend? Because it's true. I do.

Hope you have a mostly + week. See you on Monday!