Friday, January 15, 2010

the future is overrated

Yesterday my Library Director distributed a memo to the library, informing us of organizational changes that would be taking place as of February 1st. I had spoken to her a few hours earlier, and had suspicions that something like this would happen, so I wasn't completely surprised. Basically, the department which I have worked in for the last two years, and of which I have served as Director since July, is being dissolved. Digital Projects will be folded back into the East Texas Research Center (where it began five years ago). Most of my department will be moved to the ETRC and a few of us - myself included - will receive new titles and job descriptions.

Here is what I know so far: I will stay in the same office. My new title will be Archives and Repository Librarian. I will still help with the development of TIDES, but I don't know how much control or authority I will have. Some of my new duties will include the University Archives (analog and digital). The rest is yet to be revealed.

Here is how I feel: I am not taking this personally. I know that the end of this department has nothing to do with me or my role as it's Director. I'm bummed that I am, essentially, receiving a demotion, because I have a big ego and also because I don't feel I got a fair chance to spread my management wings. But them's the breaks. There's not much I can do now except wait for my new job description and then try to do the best job I can with whatever I'm given. And that's the last I'm going to say about that. I don't really blog about my job for a reason and no matter what else changes, that will remain the same.

Some things, you see, are sacred.