Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend recap - persevering

My glorious weekend of solo organization and activity was only half glorious. I got a ton done around the house, but I was not able to complete my twenty mile run. I wasn't even able to start my twenty mile run - on Sunday, I was hit with the worst of a hacking cough, the kind that doubles you over and makes you wonder if your ribs are cracking. I have created (yet another) contingency plan for marathon training, but seriously. Time is ticking here.

Friday: Nathan had left for his 24 hour adventure race that morning, so I took the dog for a walk after work and then saw FAME! with Sonnie and Mary. FAME! was bad. And not good-bad either. Just plain bad. Even the singing and dancing (which I thought would make it awesome, like on GLEE!) left much to be desired. C'est la vie. It was nice to hang out with my ladies regardless.

Saturday: Rode my bicycle to yoga, then took the long way home at a leisurely pace. I spent the afternoon cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. I am happy to say that my closet and armoire are in the best shape of their lives.

You may notice that my shirts are sweaters are sorted according to ROYGBIV. I've been really into the color spectrum lately. On Saturday evening, Seamus and I went for a walk to Amy and David's new place. This is the first time they've lived within walking distance to us, ever, and it's nice to have such ridiculously local friends. They're still setting up their new place (which is huge) but Amy had arranged some old, ornate furniture she inherited from her Grandmother. I took a photo on the couch which is a little blurry because I couldn't figure out how to reset the auto focus feature until the following day. Blurry or not, it's still kind of cool.

Sunday: This is when the real hacking cough thing started. For the last few days, I had a tickle in my throat. On Sunday, it bloomed into a full fledged cough. I decided to reschedule my 20 miler (again) and spent most of the day on the couch, eating cough drops and reading Middlesex. Not too terrible, actually. Nathan got home from his race around 2pm and we took the dog to the park, where he regaled me with racing tales while I tried not to cough on him. It was a very pretty day and being outside made me feel a little better.

Another thing that made me feel better: baking iced oatmeal cookies from the latest Vegetarian Times (recipe post coming soon!). I actually found a typo in the recipe, which was exciting and not too hard to overcome. The cookies were delicious.

So far, Monday has been off to an okay start. I'm hoping my cough disappears completely by tomorrow morning, because seriously - I have MILES to RUN. Until then, I will be drinking water, eating clementines, and getting as much sleep as humanly possible. Wish me luck. I'll need it.