Tuesday, February 23, 2010

introducing... the tiger snakes!

Official mascot of my unofficial swim team - The Tiger Snakes! 

Today, I learned to swim.

Let me clarify. I have known how to swim since I was a kid, but only in the sense that I could get from one end of the public pool to the other, spent most of my youth at the beach, paddling around the shallow part of the Atlantic ocean, and would probably make it to shore if thrown over the side of a boat. Swimming, technically, but not swimming. And friends, I want to be a swimmer.

So, at 6:30 this morning, I found myself jumping into the university's indoor pool. With the help of my fellow Tiger Snakes (Nathan and Katie) I was able to get down the basic mechanics of the freestyle. Not too shabby for a beginner! Of course, there's still a lot of work to be done. My endurance is lacking, to say the least (I had to take a break after each lap), I need to work on breathing (you have to time it just right or you end up with mouth and lungs full of cholorinated water - not pleasant), and I need to get better at keeping my body level in the water, my butt closer to the surface, and remember to kick from my knees and not my hips. That list might seem pretty long and trust me - it is. But I'm not in any rush. Swimming is a new challenge, and we all know how much I love challenges. Plus, should I become decent enough at swimming, a triathlon would actually be feasible. Triathlete. I like the sound of that.

But I'll swim across that bridge when I come to it. First things first - swimming AND breathing without choking on water. Once I've got that down, the rest will surely follow.