Wednesday, February 10, 2010

links! for clicking!

I signed up for a formspring account. You can ask me questions - anonymously or not - and I will answer them. I may post the results here, I may not. It all depends on you!

Nathan started up a blog called Amateur Adventure Racing. (I helped with the design!) He plans to write reviews of all the races in which he competes, post information about upcoming events, and review racing gear and other cool stuff. He already had a number of race reviews up now, so check them out and tell your friends!

Speaking of races, our marathon is in FOUR DAYS! We are so close to our fundraising goal for Doctors Without Borders. If you can help us reach $1000, I'll send you something nice in the mail!

And on the topic of raising funds, I just learned about Kickstarter.This is a website for artists and creators of every stripe to raise funds for specific projects. You can learn more about the site at it's FAQ, but consider poking around and maybe throwing a few dollars at an idea you think is awesome. Who knows? You could help the next artistic genius get off the ground!

That's all I've got. How about you?