Monday, February 01, 2010

weekend recap - racing to relaxation!

I went to the doctor this morning and discovered that I do, indeed, have bronchitis. I was prescribed an inhaler (for the wheezing) and antibiotics. My doctor said that normally, she would not be one to push antibiotics (especially since I seem to slowly be getting better on my own) but since I have a marathon to run in two weeks, the antibiotics would ensure a speedier recovery and it was up to me. I decided to go with the antibiotics. This will be the second time in my whole life that I've taken them, so I think it'll be okay. Also: marathon. Needless to say, I am relieved and looking forward to breathing deeply again!

As for my weekend: you would not have guessed that I am a woman battling bronchitis! On Friday, I left work early because my coughing was out of hand. Nathan and I abandoned our plans in favor of staying home and nursing my cold with multiple episodes of Battlestar Galactica and cups of hot tea. It was a nice evening and made me feel a little better.

On Saturday we got up early, loaded the bikes in the car, and drove to campus. Nathan, Amy and I (aka PINK WHISKEY!) were taking part in SFA's first ever Lumberjack Sprint Adventure Race. Despite the fact that I had to suck on a cough drop through the whole race and take hacking breaks, we had an awesome time - and came in first place! (That is, first place out of four teams, one of which dropped out half way through. But still. First place!) We had to run, bike, swim, solve puzzles and complete an obstacle course - all while finding checkpoints hidden around campus. There were some memorable moments (like my 15 attempts to run uphill on an oil-slicked slip-n-slide) and some moments of glory (like, uh, COMING IN FIRST PLACE!). I have been promised photos from the organizers, which should be posted some time this week. I plan to snag the best of the bunch and tell some more stories from the race then, so check back later!

After the race, we had falafel and hummus and tried desperately to warm up (it was cold!). Nathan and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Hulu while drinking coffee and cuddling with the dog. Then we were off to the bar to celebrate Mr. MRT's 31st birthday. I had not been to the bar since October or November, and it was nice to see a bunch of my friends in one place. The older we get, the busier we become, and impromptu gatherings don't happen as often as they once did. This is one of the reasons I love birthdays so much! (That, and presents.)

On Sunday Nathan and I awoke sans hangovers, which was nice. We read in bed, walked the dog and tidied the house. In the late afternoon we went for a leisurely run, and before I knew it I had gone ten of the nicest miles of my life. Because of my now-diagnosed bronchitis, I've been keeping my runs slow and easy. My heart rate stays low, my breathing is even, and my legs do all the work. While I miss the exhilaration of a hard workout, I am quite enjoying the laid back nature of recovery. Highly recommended.

Also spent a lot of time waiting for a certain baby to show her much anticipated face. Still waiting... ;)

No photos this weekend, which is disappointing. I need to get better at actually taking photos! That will be my goal for this week. How about you?