Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend recap

As usual, this past weekend was a winner. Why don't I tell you about it? ;)

Friday! Nathan went out of town to race in the Heartbreak Duathlon. It's a fun race - a 2.5 mile trail run, followed by a 10 mile mountain bike ride, followed by a second 2.5 mile trail run. We did it together last year, but as this year's was taking place six days after the marathon I decided to pass. Nathan, on the other hand, came in 8th place over all! He is a machine.

Instead of racing, I stayed in, made vegan mac and cheeze, drank one expensive beer, and read Bonk, which is fascinating and hysterical. Highly recommended.

Saturday! I've been lazy lately, but it's hard to be lazy when you don't have a car. Because of this, Saturday morning provided the perfect opportunity to break my lazy streak. I woke up early and walked the dog, drank coffee and wrote 500 words, and then biked to yoga class - all before 9:00 am! I was very proud of myself. Nathan returned home in the afternoon, and in the evening we headed to Amy's, who had graciously offered to host Nathan's birthday party. Together, Amy and I decorated the yard, made fajitas to feed 20, and gathered together some of our nearest and dearest. It was a very fun time and a very good party, if I do say so myself. Happy birthday to Nathan!

Sunday! Despite staying up late and co-hosting a birthday party, I woke up at a decent hour with no hangover whatsoever. Oh, moderation. You are amazing! I was also super productive - I cleaned the apartment, spent some time in the kitchen, wrote and organized my desk at home, and went to the gym for a run and weights session. It was my first run since the marathon and I opted for the treadmill since I didn't know how I'd feel or how far I'd be able to go. I ended up running 4 miles just fine and it felt great to do some strength training. All in all, a very successful day and a very successful weekend!

I hope your weekend was just as nice. :)


  1. Hey Chrissy,

    Who hosted the adventure race that you and Nathan ran in New Orleans? It sounded like fun, but most of the adventure races I found online seem a bit cheesy.

    Good luck with the swimming!


  2. Hi Anne!
    The New Orleans Adventure Race was hosted by Gulf Coast Adventure Racing ( It was the only race I've done by that company, but we had a great time and it was very well organized. The company that puts on most of the races in our area is Steel Sports. They are based in Tyler. ( Their races are also pretty good, but they just got a new sponsor - Extreme Missionary Adventures. SS is donating a portion of the proceeds from their 2010 races to this organization, and morally I feel conflicted about this.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  4. It was lovely. Wish you were there, KB!