Friday, April 16, 2010

a dream deferred

As I'm sure you all know by now, I have spent the last three weeks biting my nails as I waited to hear whether the University of North Carolina-Greensboro would be able to offer me any funding, which would decide whether or not I would attend their MFA program this fall. Yesterday, I finally heard and friends - it is not good. They were only able to fund one fiction student this year, and that fiction student was not me. Because I am not willing to pay for this particular degree with loans, I had to defer my acceptance. It was a heartbreaking choice, but I know that it was the right one to make.

Luckily, I've got a great and supportive community of writing colleagues and professors right here in Nacogdoches. Plan B is a solid one - I will work with my two favorite professors to put together a kick-ass and well-researched list of schools to which I will apply next year; I will refine my writing sample and personal statements and get them critiqued by as many people as possible; I will continue sending out work and stacking my resume with publications; and above all else, I will write. I don't need to be in an MFA program to be a writer. I AM a writer, and the MFA that I eventually get will only help me in my quest to become a better at the thing I love most.

Plan B also means staying in Texas for another year, which is fine with me. While I was looking forward to moving to North Carolina (we were going to ride our bikes there! sigh.) this is a good time to be in Nacogdoches. Two of my good friends are having babies this fall, and one friend has a newborn that I have not yet cuddled nearly enough, I'm just getting into the East Texas racing scene (Houston Marathon 2011, y'all!), I can continue to host the Literary Reading series, I make decent money, the living is cheap, and Nathan and I will have plenty of time to finish paying off my credit card and build up a little nest egg before embarking on our next adventure.

And with that, we come to end of the 2010 MFA Application Season. Thanks for following along, and for all your support and kind words along the way. Until next year!