Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend recap - 80's edition

Friday! The highlight of this past weekend was definitely the Surprise 80's Dance Birthday Party that we threw for our friend Bryan.We held the party in Amy and David's awesome backyard, which is quickly becoming a trend. There was a ton of good food, lots of dancy 80's music (which led to lots of 80's dancing!), and one very loud SURPRISE! And guess what? Bryan was totally surprised!

You can tell it's the 80's because of the bandanna on David's wrist.

An awkward number of people told Nathan he should wear his hair like this every day. I am not so sure.

I am less 80's, more "how many colors can I cram into one outfit?" I also dubbed myself "Sporty 80's," much like a Spice Girl, but without the... um... spice.

Now these kids know how to do the 80's right. They put the rest of us to shame!

Alf, I thought you were back on the wagon?! Sigh.

Because you can never have enough faux-artsy pictures of Shiner Bock bottle caps! (Or can you? Shush, I don't want to know.) 

Saturday! We woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and to the Bike Shop, as we planned to do the Saturday morning ride with the group. Much to our surprise, no one was there! We decided to quickly ride to coffee shop, where another local group was supposed to meet at the same time. No one there either! We ended up biking home and, as it was supposed to rain anyway, decided to drink coffee on the porch for an hour and then head to yoga. This proved to be a wise decision. After yoga, we visited the Farmers' Market, where we had the pleasure of frequenting Merci's World Cuisine.

Merci and her husband Tracy are old Nacogdoches friends - they co-founded the Nacogdoches Rollergirls, which basically ruled my life for two years. Merci's World Cuisine is their latest project, and I'm so glad. This weekend they served up a Cajun inspired menu. I sampled the red beans and rice, and they were out of this world. The perfect way to refuel after a night of 80's dance moves and a tough yoga class.

The plates are tree-free and the spoon is made of sugar!  Yet another reason to get your grub on at Merci's!

Sunday! It rained on and off all day and we skipped riding/running again. I didn't feel too guilty - especially since I had a ridiculously productive day at home. We deep cleaned the apartment - vacuuming, dusting, the fridge, EVERYTHING! We also - and this is huge - cleaned out Nathan's closet. We're planning to have a yard sale in the next few weeks and I can't wait. I love getting rid of clutter but it's hard when I live with someone who saves everything because one day he will use it in a project/it could help defend us from the zombies.

Our reward for all this cleaning and organizing and purging? Three episodes of LOST and two vegan pizzas. I decided to branch out from my usual tomato-based sauce and try a pesto pizza. It was good! I love pizza, especially when I make it at home - an easy way to get a ton of veggies and endlessly customizable. Also: delicious. Three cheers for pizza!

That pretty much sums up my weekend. How was yours?