Monday, April 05, 2010

weekend recap - quiet and calm

Seamus relaxes in a very clean apartment.

While the rest of the world (or at least the rest of Texas) was hunting for eggs and dressing up for church, I spent a perfectly quiet and pleasant three day weekend in and around my apartment. Here are the highlights.

Friday! Nathan and I actually left the apartment to go to a free film at the Art Center. They were showing a documentary about women artists and the unique challenges we can face. It was aptly titled Who Does She Think She Is, and as an aspiring World Famous Writer, I found it both entertaining and engaging. If you have a chance to see it, take it!

This is actually the view that my porch faces, not a route that I actually ride. Still, it's pretty, isn't it?

Saturday! When we woke up, the whole town was covered in a thick and soupy fog. This was concerning, as we had plans to ride with the Bike Shop at 8:00am. The Bike Shop, however, would not be deterred by a little fog so off we went, and it was a good thing - after thirty minutes the fog lifted and we enjoyed a gorgeous, sunny morning. We ended up riding 20 miles in an hour and thirty minutes, which was the perfect reintroduction to my bicycle. I'd forgotten how much I love long rides, powering up hills and sailing down the other side, and seeing a side of Nacogdoches - ranches! cows! ponds! more cows! - that I sometimes forget exists, considering I live in the middle of the "city" and all. ;)

After our ride, Nathan headed to the school to work on his thesis. He's in crunch mode, which means I won't be seeing much of him for the next few weeks. On the bright side, he'll soon have his Masters and you know what that means - two incomes! Woot! While he was gone, I wrote and did errands and had a lovely coffee date with Sonnie and Amy on Amy's front porch. I do believe a good amount of my summer will be spent on Amy's front porch - it's very Southern comfort and pink to boot. I'll have to take some photos for y'all!

It's pollen season in East Texas.
Sweeping the porch is a losing battle every time.

Sunday! The day started with a 12 mile run, which I was just not feeling, which consequently turned into a 10 mile run. I don't know what's been up with my running lately - despite the fact that I'm racing a half marathon this Saturday (!) I've been cutting runs short left and right. I think it's partly because I start too fast and burn out early. I will have to pay attention to this during the race.

Later that morning, Nathan left for a conference in Kentucky - he's presenting a poster about his thesis research. I spent the day writing, cleaning and doing projects around the apartment. I even planted some basil!

This is going to sound kind of hippy-dippy, but I feel so in tune with the seasons lately. Maybe it was the long cold winter, maybe it's because I spent so much time outside, training and running and biking, but as soon as it started to get warm I began craving steamed veggies, salads and smoothis; I'm painting an old table for the porch a sunny yellow; I want to plant a huge garden and water it, too (basil will have to suffice for now); and Seamus gets more long walks then he knows what to do with. This has been very, very nice, and has made me appreciate spring more than ever.