Tuesday, May 04, 2010

little red riding

One of our many nicknames for Seamus is Adventure Dog, even though he actually prefers sleeping on the couch to going on what one would consider "adventures." Despite his proclivity for all the comforts life has to offer, we drag him along on camping trips and long walks, and make him jump in rivers and play disc golf every chance we get. He is usually a good sport, though he could do without the horseflies. I am telling you all of this because I just found a photo Nathan sent me a few weeks ago, when Nathan and Seamus went on an impromptu camping trip while I was out of town at a conference. The temperature dropped unexpectedly and Seamus was cold, so Nathan did what any caring dog owner would do for his adventurous pup.

Best dog ever. And yes, that is Nathan's red hoodie. He and Seamus are the same size!