Friday, May 28, 2010

lost finale and discussion! (and cake!)

Did you hear something? Whispers in the bamboo, footsteps crunching in the sand? Wait - what's that, through those very Island-like palm trees?

Is it the pieces of a plane on the beach? Is it an abandoned village? A hatch? Are there lots of highly attractive, shirtless men and beautiful women with perfectly tousled beach hair milling about?

Yes, yes, and yes! In one world, it is all of these things. But in an alternate, sideways world, it is a LOST cake, in my kitchen, waiting to be eaten and enjoyed as we finally watch the season finale of my favorite show. (Specifically, we have a basic yellow cake recipe, dark chocolate frosting, and the word "LOST" written in unsweetened coconut flakes, because coconuts come from islands, obviously.)

So what did you think of the finale? Even though some questions didn't get answered and some mysteries will never be solved, I thought it was a perfect ending to six seasons of WTF. Feel free to debate and theorize in the comments. In the meantime, you can bet I'll be reading various recaps and critiques throughout the weekend, eating leftover cake, and otherwise milking this last episode for all it's worth.

It's been a great ride, LOST! I will miss you and your crazy times dearly.


  1. I don't know why, but I am surprised you liked the finale. Instead of making me speculate about possible meanings, it made me stop caring, like I guess I felt the writers did. Come on! The flash sideways was just that they were all dead? And whatever happened to Michael and Walt? How come they didn't get to be in purgatory church waiting for Jack? I was annoyed by it, like the writers just gave up. Honestly, I don't know if there would have been a way to answer all the questions that arose, since strange mysteries were abundant up to the second to last episode, but still. That was their best effort? Meh. For one thing, what happened to the giant stone statue that was once on the island? What about "the people" who were the true family of Jacob and Smokey? Did they become "the others"? Lost really had its hayday in the early seasons, IMO, so I think I am done speculating. Sincerely, BizardClaw

  2. Aw, Mary T! I definitely was annoyed by some things (Jack = Jesus, not a fan of shows that end with Heaven-like places, and you're right - why did some people end up in the Happy Place, while others did not?) but I think the characters who had to be redeemed (like Jack) were. I didn't hate him anymore, as I had for so many seasons! And I like the idea of all of them being reunited after they had lived their lives.

    There is a whole mythology to LOST that we'll probably be talking about forever (or at least until the DVD special features) but as far as the characters go, I feel satisfied with their growth and progression. By the end of the episode, I felt they all finally realized who they were, what their purposes in life were, and that they came to peace with it. (They "let go," which is why they were able to finally get to the Happy Place.) Plus, Jack closing his eye for the final time, while the place flew overhead and Vincent was lying by his side? That scene along salvaged season six in my book!

    I do think it could have been half as long and twice as good. It wasn't perfect, but to me it was good enough. Oh, and I totally agree that seasons 1-3 were way better than seasons 4-6. :)

  3. LOVE the cake (although I pretty much universally love cake anyhoo!) but never got into LOST as a series.

    I did find this summary of the show on youtube which is pretty cool:

    Also, off topic but a big thank you for the help with setting up my new banner - it is done and it's all fabby and stuff - so thanks!!


  4. I saw that video last week - so good! And I'm glad the banner worked out for you - it looks great!

  5. I don't watch Lost but I LOVE that you made a cake for it! That's something I would do - maybe for The Office.

  6. Sorry, I don't watch it either. The cake is kick ass though.

  7. Ladies! You don't know what you're missing! (Although, maybe you do.) I highly recommend LOST - especially seasons 1-3. ;)

  8. I just re-read my first comment and it really does make me come across as a Bizardclaw, which I didn't intend. I'm not actually mad (that would be a bit much). I just give two sideways thumbs for the final LOST effort. How come Desmond wasn't in heaven though? Or was he? I love Des!

  9. Love the cake, was in a meeting 2 days ago with a staff member who had a Dharma label on a water bottle - you guys rock with your creativity! Vincent being at the end pulled it together for me. I think those in the church were those that mattered most to Jack and helped his evolution that was why some were not there, but just my 2 cents.

  10. Hahaha 6 seasons of wtf! So true! I hadn't watched it in a few years but did watch the finale, it was ok. Cake looks good though :)

  11. That cake is pretty awesome!

    I was disappointed in the finale, especially the final ten minutes. Personally, I think the Darlton wrote themselves into a corner, and the ending was a big cop-out. I enjoyed the touching reunion moments, but I think the producers and writers could have thrown a bone to the people who didn't give a shit about who Kate ended up with who and came back week after week because of the mysteries. I find it hard to believe that the best time of Aaron's life was when he was a newborn on the island, and I despised the fact that David was a figment of Jack/Juliet's imaginations. I also don't know why Kate felt the need to change in the church....? Was it just a continuity error or did she have something against moving on in a LBD?

  12. I don't mind that David was never real. Mostly because I thought he was insufferable. ;)

    One thing I did not like about the final Happy Place scene (besides Kate's costume change!) was that it was so Jack centered. I thought Jack was one of the less interesting characters, and the idea that they all seemed to "move on" and reunite when HE was ready, and that everyone in the church was important to HIM (as Susan pointed out) really annoyed me.

    The mystery I am most disappointed about is the pregnant women issue. Why couldn't anyone give birth on the island? Why did all the pregnant women die? This was a really big deal in season 3 or 4 (the whole reason Juliet came to the Island!) and they just dropped it. Very annoying!