Monday, May 03, 2010

race report: fredonia five miler

The Hotel Fredonia, in lovely downtown Nacogdoches.

Part one of my epic weekend of races began bright and early on Saturday morning with the 21st Annual Fredonia 5-Miler. From the flier:
The race runs past history, in the oldest town in Texas. The race begins and ends at the Fredonia Hotel, and runs past such historic sites as the Old University Building, Christ Church, the Stone Fort, ancient Indian mounds, First United Methodist Church, and through the beautiful campus of Stephen F. Austin State University.

All true, but I was just excited to run a race where I live! We usually have to travel to events, so being able to roll out of bed and be at the starting line in less than ten minutes was pretty awesome.

Fancy chip timing!

Unfortunately, the race day weather was terrible! 80 degrees and SO HUMID! I had a hard time breathing and sweat was pouring down my face before we even started. I really wanted to average 8 minute miles, finishing the race in 40 minutes. I've been clocking some really fast times the last two weeks, and I know I had it in me to reach my goal. But the humidity had other plans. After the first mile (which I ran way too fast, in 7:39!) I had to readjust my goal. I decided to shoot for a 45 minute finishing time. It was a struggle until the end, but I finished in 44:22!

I need to work on my "Tough Runner Lady" face. (From the race photographer.)

This was by far the hardest race I've ever done, outside of the marathon. It's crazy - two weeks ago I ran a half marathon at a 9 minute mile pace and felt great the whole time. This weekend, I ran 5 miles at an 8:52 pace and thought about giving up half way through. Humidity is no joke. I see a lot of biking and swimming in my future, at least until October!

Even though I fell short of my goal, I did win second place in the 21-29 age group, which pleased me. And while Nathan didn't place, he did finish 10th overall, in 35:10, despite taking the last two months off from running due to a foot injury. My man is fast!

Better than a medal: Merci's World Cuisine!

After the award's ceremony, we made our way to the Farmers' Market to celebrate with Merci's Black Beans and Plantains - delicious, as always. We ran into a few friends there - Mary, Chay AND Sonnie! - and it was wonderful to see my ladies. A great way to end a fun morning, and the weekend had only just begun! 

Coming soon: my recap of the Warrior Dash, and lots of photos featuring mud, fire, Viking hats and more mud. Stay tuned!