Wednesday, May 26, 2010

triathlon training update

I'm training for an Olympic length triathlon on July 18th. You can read more about my training plan here.

When I first posted my training plan, I talked about being "flexible and forgiving." A week and a half into said plan, and I'm already putting both those concepts into practice!

Turns out, triathlon training takes up a lot of time - specifically, a lot of time biking! Swimming is easy to fit in - twice a week at the pool, and in 40 minutes and I can get my mile done. (I know, because today I swam a full mile for the first time! Progress! Also, boo-yah!) Running is just as easy - again, I run in the morning (before it reaches 97 degrees) and I'm done in less than an hour (though I do miss longer runs). But biking? Biking must be done after work, because it's safer to ride with a group and when there's ample daylight. Because I ride with a group, and because the group always rides at least 20 miles, we're talking an hour and a half of my evening - on top of the hour I spent training in the morning! I wanted to get in three rides a week, and I'm discovering that I may have been overly ambitious. Even though I can handle it physically, that much time is both emotionally and mentally draining, not to mention exhausting! I don't know how Iron(wo)men do it.

Last year at the Pineywoods Purgatory, when I rode 72 miles with little to no training. Oops! 

So, while I will not rule out three rides a week, I think that most weeks I'll only ride twice. And that's okay. It's enough training to get me through the 24 mile bike leg of my triathlon while still leaving me the time and energy to enjoy my weekends and evenings. Because, while I love racing and training, I am not a full time athlete. I have a job, and a family, and a social life, all of which are just as important as my race schedule. (Excuse me, I mean MORE important. Ahem.) I feel like I'm becoming more balanced with all these things, and that's one of the best results my training plan has offered.

Are you an athlete, aspiring and otherwise, with a full time job? How do you fit it all in?