Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend adventures

Despite laying out my weekend plans last Friday, I failed to fully accomplish even one goal. That's okay. Our weekend was filled with so many friends, adventures, and fun times that I have absolutely no regrets. How about I show you a million photos so you can see for yourself? Yes? Great!

We kicked things off Saturday morning by biking 30 miles with the Bike Shop. (Nathan took the above photo, as I am not talented enough to photograph and stay on my bike at the same time.) It was a great day for a ride, we had a big group of nice people, and the hills were challenging without totally killing my thighs. In true Bike Shop fashion, we ended the ride with mimosas and fruit from the back of a pickup truck, and I decided to skip the Brick portion of my workout. Yes, I vowed to start doing bike/runs this week, but the mimosas looked so delicious, and the temperatures were already in the 90's. After Memorial Day, the Saturday rides will start at 7am instead of 8, which will make Bricks much more do-able. Two mimosas later, I knew I had made the right decision.

But woman cannot refuel on mimosas alone! We rode home, got the dog, and made our way to the Farmers' Market, where we dined on delights from Merci's World Cuisine and relaxed with some of our friends at a half shaded picnic table. 

Saturday was also Chay's birthday, and the Crafty Renegades celebrated by signing up for a class on Green Cleaning at Wildflower, a cute downtown shop specializing in crafts, kitchen goodies, and other sweet odds and ends. At the class, we learned to make a few different cleaners, and were able to make and take two new products home. I'll let y'all know how they work and post the "recipes" later this week.

As if Saturday had not been exciting enough, we kicked things up at notch in the evening by attending the soft opening of Pat Casey's new tattoo shop. It is a seriously classy joint with perfect decor and awesome atmosphere. I felt my old longing for some ink rising up in me, and Casey's Tattoo might be just the thing to send me over the edge. Only time will tell!

Sunday was a little more relaxed, but no less fun. Nathan and I started the day with our Sunday Morning Routine, which involves catching up on 30 Rock and The Office while drinking coffee in bed, then getting up and making pancakes (this week: chocolate chip). I do love Sunday mornings. In the afternoon, we drove out to Tracy and Merci's, where we floated in their lake and had a beer while catching up with dear friends. Seamus came and spent two hours in his float coat, swimming from group to group and pulling people across the lake. He also jumped off the dock, which always pleases me.

Adventure dog strikes again!

As much as I would have liked to float in that lake all day, we had to get back to town by 5pm. Nathan had organized an impromptu kickball game, and  kick we did! We played two games, and guess what? I am not a natural at kickball. No one seemed to mind. We had a lot of fun with a lot of people, and even took a break for beer and veggie dogs on the grill. I think we're going to make this a regular Sunday occurrence, so if you want to play and live in East Texas, you will get a second chance!

(Yes, in the above photo I have indeed missed the ball. I am including it not to show off my lack of kicking prowess, but to point out my SLAMMING CALF MUSCLES! I had no idea they were getting so defined, and am quite proud. Go triathlon training, go!)

A great weekend indeed, and I have Nacogdoches (and my awesome friends) to thank for it. I hope you had an equally fine weekend, and that the coming week follows suit.