Friday, June 11, 2010

friday countdown

This past week was about 100% better than the previous one, mostly because I did not have teeth forcibly ripped from my gums and thus was in little to no pain AND could eat solid foods to my heart's (and stomach's) content. Never underestimate the power of comfort! I usually do a +/- for the week, but I actually can't think of any -'s, which is a good thing! So here are some +'s along with a look towards the weekend.

Yesterday I took Seamus to the vet for a long overdue check-up. He has a bad case of the fleas and all our usual remedies were not working, so a new medication was obtained. While there, he also got a shot for heartworms (and tested negative - whew!) and had his blood tested (perfect health!). Seamus is a very social dog, but he does NOT like the vet and as soon as we entered the waiting room he began shaking like a leaf and trying to hide behind me. This was especially funny after he was weighed and we discovered that he is, in fact, 108 pounds. Picture a dog of that size shaking so hard his teeth are chattering, and I can assure you - it was as hysterical as it sounds. Lucky for Seamus (and us) the flea medication is already working. I found tons of dead buggers on the couch this morning, and I'm looking forward to washing and vacuuming everything in the apartment this weekend. Oh, and speaking of Seamus, I made a flickr album specifically for his mug. If you're feeling down at any point during the day, I recommend looking through it. Seamus is excellent for lifting spirits!

Here in East Texas, it rained all week. Usually this is not cause for celebration, except for the fact that prior to this week we'd been experiencing drought conditions. The rain was a welcome change! Suddenly everything is green and lush, standing up straight and leaning towards the (cloudy) sky. Even our bed of day lilies, which we'd just about given up on, have sprung tight buds which should open any day now. I'm glad because, as you can see from the above photo of last year's specimens, they're beautiful.

After a week off from training and rearranging our race schedule, I took my workouts down a notch this week. And by down a notch, I mean I've been exercising once a day, for 30 minutes-one hour, instead of twice a day for two hours. At first I felt guilty, but then I realized that one workout a day is perfectly adequate and also, whoa! I have so much more energy and time! I'm still planning to do the triathlon in August, but when I rewrite my training plan this weekend, I am going to be a little less ambitious and a little more realistic. I love racing, but I also love having a life. Balance, baby. We'll find it!

Last Sunday I went to a goodbye party for some acquaintances. Amy served a glass pitcher of ice-water with lemon slices, and it was the best. drink. ever. I liked it so much (in a fancy wine glass, of course) that I didn't even bother drinking alcohol. Amy also made my Strawberry Summer Cake, except she used a horse-shaped cake pan which somehow made it taste even better than usual. Cute food is the best.

This weekend shall be dedicated to home improvements, bicycle rides, blueberries and the first meeting of Old Town Scrabble. I'll be back on Monday with a full report. Until then, enjoy the day!