Friday, June 25, 2010

friday +/-

 Seamus has a friend for the week while we dog-sit. Her name is Zoe and I love how they balance each other out when sharing the couch.
This has been a long, exhausting and busy week, but it has also been an overwhelmingly + one, for which I am grateful. Here's your weekly run down:
- I seem have to lost my early morning exercise mojo. Skipped two swim workouts (but made one up today - 1200 meters is better than nothing) and only wrote once this week. I blame it on the whole new job thing. Next week will be better. 
- Speaking of working out, I miss running. Yes, it's 100 degrees daily, and yes it's so humid I can't breathe, but still. Cycling and swimming are fun, but running is my one true love. 
- My experiment in not grocery shopping is a total failure. Our diet has suffered, my spontaneous meals have fallen flat, we broke down and ordered - ordered! - a pizza on Wednesday, and I am really looking forward to meal planning and re-stocking my cabinets this weekend. If it ain't broke...
And on the + side!
+ I love my new job. Sure, it's only been a week, and I still have a steep learning curve ahead of me, but the people are nice (so nice!) and the work is interesting and challenging, and I feel like I'm already gaining skills that I can use for the rest of my life. Also, I have a window and my office is not freezing. It's been a win every way you look at it! 
+ I went to my first ever spin class on Wednesday and I think I'm in love. Despite all my activity, I spend most of my time training for endurance, which doesn't necessitate a very good cardio workout. Spin class took care of that. For an hour I huffed and puffed and struggled up imaginary hills and mopped about four liters of sweat from my body. I can't wait to go back next week. 
+ Today I had lunch with two of my favorite people from the library - homemade black bean burgers and chocolate raspberry cookies at Rachel's house. It was delicious and made me feel lucky to have so many smart, intelligent and awesome ladies in my life. 
+ Even though I'm new at my job, I'm not new to the university. This means I don't have to wait three months to take vacation, and can still go to New York at the end of July for my grandparents' 80th birthday party. My mother will be very pleased. 
+ I'm looking forward to another great weekend filled with baby showers, futbol, and bicycle rides. Damn, life is awesome!
Hope you had a great week, too! Why don't you tell me about it?