Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hotter'n'hell hundred training plan

Photo from Time Record News coverage of the 2009 HNH100. Exciting!

Before I share with you my training plan for the Hotter'N'Hell Hundred, I need to tell you what Nathan has done to me. Nathan and his brother, Eric, were texting two nights ago, and it turns out Eric is planning to run the San Antonio marathon in November. Naturally, Nathan wants to scrap plans for Houston ("We probably won't both get in anyway, and we'll have a free place to stay in San Antonio, and I'll get to run with my brother, and blah blah blah.") While he brought up some valid points and made a good argument - San Antonio is important to him, as it was the longest he lived anywhere besides Nacogdoches (four years, for high school - he was a military brat) - I was still highly annoyed. Why do I even bother making plans? Why? Also, I'd have to start training in JULY. JULY in TEXAS. While training for a CENTURY RIDE. That is just too much. I'm still going to enter Houston's lottery and cross my fingers, and if he's really intent on running San Antonio I might do the half. But I'm sure he'll change his mind again twelve times before then.

Is there anyone else out there who thinks plans are sacred? Or am I alone in this? Sigh. 

Moving on. Century training officially started this week. You can see my plan here. I decided to ride four days a week instead of five (trying to be realistic) and because I've been riding for a few weeks, my base abilities are higher than they were in, say, April (hence the 35 miler scheduled for this weekend). I'm going to continue practicing yoga and swimming as cross training, because yoga is the best and I don't want to lose the swimming skills that I worked so hard for, but I'll be taking a break from running until triathlon training rears it's ugly head. 

I started my training plan this week, and kicked it off by skipping my swim on Monday and sleeping in. I'm such a champ. I did, however, go to a great yoga class on Monday night and on Tuesday morning, Nathan and I woke up bright and early and by six a.m. we were on the road, riding as hard as I could for ten miles without having to give up at mile 8. It was a good ride and I was glad to get it done while the sun was still forgiving. Tonight, I'm going to try out my first ever spin class at the Rec Center. I think one spin session a week will keep me from getting bored on my bike, plus I can push myself without worrying about falling a mile behind everyone else. After Saturday's ride, I'm looking forward to keeping up by not actually moving at all. :) 

So that's the plan! The wonderful, detailed, SACRED plan. I'll keep y'all updated on how it actually pans out. Until then!