Thursday, June 24, 2010

lgrab summer games part II

I am once again doing the challenges for the Let's Go Ride a Bike Summer Games at the last minute - deadline for Part II is Sunday! And speaking of Part II, it's "Learning Experiences." The two challenges I've decided to undertake are "perform a maintenance task" - coming this weekend! - and "decorate your bike" - coming right now!

Okay, so putting a bumper sticker on your bike is probably not the most creative or exciting thing I could have done. Here's my excuse: this very awesome bumper sticker was on our car's bumper, where a bumper sticker should be. However, Nathan started a new job a few weeks ago at a very small company in town, and was advised by his superiors to remove any stickers that could possibly be viewed as confrontational. At first, I was up in arms about this but quickly realized that they were not, in fact, specifically targeting our Darwin fish and puppy puns - no one at the company has bumper stickers of any political persuasion on their vehicles. And so, we removed our stickers and tossed them - all except for "Dog is my Co-Pilot." I love this sticker and decided to put it on my bicycle instead. End excuse. :)

Challenge two is coming soon, and then before you know it we'll be at Part III - the final challenges! See you at the finish line!