Tuesday, June 01, 2010

weekend adventures

Forgive me if this post doesn't make any sense. I finally broke down and took a pain killer and I'm suddenly feeling good enough to tell you about my weekend. Apparently, I was too busy cramming things into said weekend to take many photos, but I do have some serious snaps of a seriously awesome brunch party, so keep reading for the good stuff.

Because we were broke, Nathan and I enjoyed yet another fine weekend in Nacogdoches. Here is a brief recap, in list form:

+ Finally watched Avatar. I liked it, even though it was basically Pocahontas in Space.
+ Went to Lufkin so Nathan could purchase work clothes as he started his new job today! I bought spandex booty shorts for running, as the humidity has been causing some uncomfortable chafing with anything loose fitting. I'm glad I run early enough that no one will see me.
+ Attended the annual Nacogdoches Luau, which features an talent-less talent show. Nathan was one of the judges this year, and my friends Mary and Chay won first place by performing a very pregnant version of "My Humps." It was amazing!
+ On Sunday, Vicki and Jeromy hosted an amazing brunch party. A word about brunch: it is my favorite. I love the whole process of brunch. You dress up a little bit, head to a restaurant (preferably with outdoor seating), and you sip coffee and Bloody Marys or mimosas, taking your time because really, it's two meals in one, and then you dine on French toast, pancakes, homefries, toast, and fruit. So divine. And do you know how often I experience brunch in East Texas? Never, until this past Sunday. Vicki and Jeromy - you are my new heroes.

+ Nathan and I also - finally - started doing Brick workouts. A brick is a bike ride followed immediately by a run, and it's the most important part of triathlon training. On Saturday, we rode 26 miles and then ran 3; on Monday we rode 17 and ran 3. I generally consider three miles an easy run, but bricks are no joke! Let's just say I have got some work to do.

I think the pain meds are kicking in, so I'm going to end this now and wait for Nathan to get home from work. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely evening!