Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend adventures

Eating sushi is not a flattering pursuit. I promise I don't always stare ahead blankly while I eat. Only when the food is really, really good. I am, however, really that pale. Sad, but true.

What a weekend! From Friday night to Sunday evening, we were on the go, seeing people, visiting places and doing out weekend thing. It was fun but exhausting and this Monday is off to a very slow start. But enough about Monday. Here are some highlights from the last three days.

 A blurry photo of the Pine Knot, for Bobbie!

Friday! We were going to stay in and watch a movie, but as we do that exact thing 75% of the time we decided to be crazy and head out to the Pine Knot. The Pine Knot is a monthly music performance in an old church, made up mostly of blue grass, folk and a little gospel. While these are not my usual music tastes (Le Tigre, anyone?) there is something about drinking a beer in a church pew while listening to sweet harmonies that makes me fall in love with East Texas. I was very glad we'd left the house.

Saturday! We switched our weekend days around and slept in on Saturday instead of Sunday. Rebels! After a nice breakfast and a trip to the Farmers' Market, we headed to Bryan and Eralda's to watch the USA vs. Ghana World Cup match. I was sad to see the USA lose, but now I'm behind Ghana all the way. Ghana! Ghana! Ghana!

After the game, Nathan and I hightailed it to Merci's place, where we attended a double baby shower for Mary and Chay. It was the usual crowd and we drank beers, swam in the lake, played with the cutest baby in the world (Omo!) as well as the cutest toddler in the world (Reesie!). (Our new babies will have some stiff competition in the adorable category, but I am quite certain they'll be up to the challenge!) It was another perfect East Texas evening, despite the heat and humidity (and maybe even because of it!).

More photos coming to flickr just as soon as I get a chance to edit them, so stay tuned!

Sunday! Oh, Sunday. This was a monumental day for me, because on Sunday Nathan and I headed out with nothing but a few liters of water, some energy bars, and his GPS, and rode our bikes 35 miles. We ended up covering some new ground and finding a great route to ride along. The ride was pleasant while being challenging, and relaxing while working up an awesome sweat. Two and half hours later, and I was in love with cycling once again. This was a great relief and I rode the high for rest of the day.

The remainder of Sunday included some quality time spent editing and submitting stories to journals (finally!), playing kickball (I got someone out!), and sharing fried pickles at the bar (warning: fried pickles right before bed will cause very bad dreams). 

All in all, an excellent weekend. The only thing that would have made it better would be a third day. Luckily, that's exactly what happens next weekend! Just have to make it through the next five days. Together, we can do it!