Thursday, July 22, 2010

everyone, meet calvin!

Last night, Nathan told me that he had an early birthday present for me. It was something his co-worker had, but didn't want. It was large and would take up a lot of space in our apartment. We could go see it that evening, and if I didn't want it his feelings would not be hurt. It was totally up to me, but he had a feeling that I would love this thing.

Maybe Nathan is bad at surprises, and maybe after eight years we just know each other too well, but right away I knew it was a puppy. As we drove to his co-worker's house, I wondered if I would want this puppy. I love dogs, but I already have the best one in the world. Puppies are very demanding, and require a lot of work, time and energy, and I already feel stretched thin as it is. This was probably a bad idea. I should probably tell Nathan thanks, but no thanks.

You can guess what happened next. Reader, I fell in love. As soon as we walked through the door, he ran towards me, all wriggly body and floppy ears. He squirmed into my arms and then out of them just as fast, too busy playing with the other dog in the room to pause for long. He looked exactly like Seamus did at that age, and he had a Mohawk (he's definitely part Rhodesian Ridgeback, which are one of my favorite breeds.) I didn't stand a chance.

So far, Seamus seems slightly annoyed and a little jealous, which is to be expected. I think that they'll get along fine, eventually. As for the puppy, I'm about 90% sure we're naming him Calvin (even though I was pulling hard for Eugene). He's a handful and a half, spends most his time barking and/or whining, and has a really bad habit of biting everything - shoes, furniture, me. The biting is the most worrisome, as it makes cuddling nearly impossible and cuddling is the best part of puppy-dom! I'm sure we can break him of this habit soon, and that once he stops teething and is properly trained his manners will kick in. Until then, I have a feeling I'll be very busy with extracting my limbs from his tiny mouth, gazing at him in adoration, and making sure Seamus doesn't feel too neglected. Wish me luck, because I will definitely need it!

Oh, and for those of you who thought Calvin's addition to our family was in any way related to our recent note, he is not. But I can't wait for our mystery letter-writer to see the "baby" we ended up with! :)