Friday, July 02, 2010

friday +/-

A Gerber Daisy I bought a few weeks ago. I'm a sucker for a pretty flower.

Well kids, we made it through another week! Here's how mine ended up balancing out. 

- The biggest downside was that on Tuesday, I realized that I do not, in fact, have Monday the 5th off for Independence Day. I made the mistake of looking at the academic calendar, and while faculty and students do not have to come in, staff gets the pleasure of working. As I love days off more than anything, this was a hard blow to handle. 

- My iPhone is broken. It won't turn on, no matter how many buttons I hold down, and when I try to restore it using iTunes, iTunes says there's an error and it can't be restored. I've looked at all the advice on the Internet, and tried it all to no avail. I guess I'll have to take it in to an Apple store, which is in Lufkin, which is a drag. My phone is a refurbished 8G that only cost $50, so I'm more concerned about the hassle/lack of phone than anything else. Boo. 

- Speaking of not having a phone, being without mine has made me realize how dependent I've become on the iPhone in such a short amount of time. Apple wins again!

- It's a holiday weekend and I have no plans! Friends, do have any plans you can offer me? I'd be much obliged. 

Awesome poster found here.

In better news...

+ A flash fiction piece I wrote and submitted and got accepted to an online journal hit the virtual stands yesterday. Check it out and feel free to shower me with praise. :)

+ Last night I went to see Eclipse with my lady friends. It was the least worst of all the movies so far and I liked not knowing what was going to happen next. (I quit the books after the second one, per my new favorite quote: "Good writing in, good writing out.") Anytime I spend with the ladies is time well spent, and I am definitely on Team No Shirts.

+ Good workouts this week, including two awesome yoga classes. My headstand has never looked better.

+ I know it's only the 2nd, but so far my July Writing Challenge is going well! I had been in a writing rut, revising the same things over and over with no significant improvements, but I'm really liking the new essay about Texas. It's long overdue. Also! La Historiadora de Moda is also taking part, and her goals put mine to shame.

+ I'm in a good mood. Big whoop, I know, but hey. Good moods should always be celebrated!

And now I am off to walk the dog and warsh my hair before I head to work, as Nathan had to go into the field today (which is a - in my book, but oh well). Have a great Friday and I hope your weekend is nothing but +'s!