Friday, July 23, 2010

friday +/-

As I'm sure you've noticed, this has been an especially crazy week in the Henneward house! Let's get right to it, shall we?

+ NEW PUPPY! I took him to the vet today and they estimate his age to be about three months. His weight? 25 pounds! Yes, we've got another big boy on our hands, and I couldn't be more pleased. I love big dogs so! Also, he is already getting better about nipping and biting. I have taken to saying "OW!" in a sharp voice when he gets too rough, and if that fails I spray him with some water. The water is very effective, but it also causes him to run from the room in fear so I'm trying not to over do it. :) All in all, our little puppy looks like he'll do just fine with us. Now all he needs is a name! (Speaking of names, our poll will be up for just four days, so vote now!)

- I have not worked out once since we got our puppy on Wednesday. Right now, I feel like his training trumps mine and I'm okay with that. The idea of going for a two hour bike ride, after spending 8-9 hours at work, while our new puppy languishes in a barricaded kitchen, does not seem right. We'll see how settled he is by the end of next week, and then I'll make whatever adjustments I need to my own schedule. This puppy is going to grow up to be a very big dog, and good manners will be vital!

+ I'm going to New York tomorrow! In all the puppy excitement, I nearly forgot about my trip home. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning, and I am so looking forward to seeing my friends, spending time with family, and celebrating my grandparents' 80th birthday party. I am also excited to go for a run on the beach and take 100 photos. I haven't been to Long Island in the summer in over two years, which just seems tragic.

- As glad as I will be to visit home, I'm really sad to leave the puppy behind! I also feel badly about leaving Nathan with two dogs for five days, one of which is not quite housebroken. C'est la vie. This puppy was his idea, so he can't blame me!

+ Yesterday my department went off campus for a retreat, during which time I showed off the four options I designed for our website. I got great feedback and everyone seemed fairly impressed, which was a fantastic feeling. I'm so glad for the chance to learn web design and create something all on my own. Plus, doing my job and doing it well is a good feeling. :)

And that about sums it up! It's a shorter list than usual, but that's what happens when a new puppy eclipses all. I will try to update while I'm in New York, but in the meantime I hope you have a great weekend!