Wednesday, July 07, 2010

half way there!

Week three of Century Training was not a bad week, all things considered. Despite skipping my Friday morning ride yet again (seriously, I have not made it on one Friday morning ride yet!) I still managed to crank out 49 miles on Sunday. That's half a century! Nathan and I averaged about 14 miles per hour, which is pretty slow, but made for a really pleasant, laid back ride. I didn't feel tired or cranky once, and the only thing that hurt when we were done was my butt. I have one word for y'all: chafing. Not a pretty sight.

As much as I enjoy my leisurely Sunday rides I do have to get comfortable riding faster. This is partly because a 14 MPH pace will make my rides take all freaking day (especially as they get longer - 55 this weekend!) and also because the Hotter'N'Hell has a cut off point. If you do not reach the 62 mile mark by 12:30 PM (aka - Hell's Gate), then you are directed to a shorter route that's only 84 miles long. I don't think I'll have a problem riding that far in 5.5 hours, as I was able to ride 50 in 3.5, but you never know. It would be nice to not come in last place.

As for other workouts, I rested on Monday because I was totally drained from my 50 miler/4th of July funtivities. On Tuesday I was still a little sore and the thought of riding my bike wasn't exactly appealing, so I decided to go for a run instead. I took it easy - 4 miles in about 40 minutes - and then I went to yoga in the evening. Today? I am so sore! I guess it's because I hadn't run in a few weeks, but seriously? My legs feel like they used to after a 16 miler on the trail. Pathetic. I think I may start running once a week instead of the Friday bike ride that I've never done anyway. That would mean I only ride three times a week instead of four, but since I'm doing so well on my long rides I think my body can handle it. If my body can't handle it, well, that's what being flexible and forgiving is all about! Training to me is about experimenting to see what your body can handle. Since this is my first time training for a century, I have a lot of discovering to do!

Tonight is my spin class, but I'm skipping so I can go drink a margarita in honor of a friend's birthday. (Balance, people.) We've also got a lot of rain in the forecast for the next few days, and I'm hoping that won't affect my riding too much. Fingers crossed! Mostly, though, I am feeling strong this week. Capable. Able. Like I can and will do anything. As these weeks are less common than I'd like to admit, I'm going to enjoy the feeling and ride it for as long as I can. Especially while drinking my margarita tonight. :)