Friday, July 23, 2010

puppy poll!

Even though I've introduced our new puppy to the world as Parker, I am not completely in love with the name. Nathan and I have been going back and forth since the moment we saw him, trying to settle on something that was not too cutesy, but not too weird. Something we wouldn't mind shouting at a dog park, but which would not summon twelve other dogs with the same name. Basically, we want a name that is original, easy to say, doesn't end in a -y sound, and contains a hard consonant. To aid us in this decision, I have created a handy poll, located in the right hand side of my blog, for your voting pleasure. I can't promise that we'll choose the winning name, but I can say that an overwhelming number of votes for any particular choice could tip the scale. While I have a current favorite, I'm going to keep that to myself so as not to influence votes. Also, now that you've seen photos, let me know if you have any additional suggestions we may have overlooked!

I'll be back later with my Friday +/-, though I bet you can guess what the big + of the week will be! ;)