Monday, August 09, 2010

(birthday) weekend adventures

Because my birthday this year falls on a Monday (28 today! Woot!) I took it upon myself to designate this weekend BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. Which really just means that I did as many of my favorite things as I could, which is really how I spend most weekends. I'm not complaining!

With the terrible heat wave, the plethora of pregnant friends, and the new puppy, leaving our house in the evenings has become an occurrence rarer than I care to admit. On Firday, we made up for lost time by first going out for sushi (addition is delicious!) and then heading to the Cole Art Center for the First Friday Film. This free monthly film series tends to show movies already sitting pretty on our Netflix queue, and Friday's showing was no exception. No Impact Man, in which a man (and his family) attempt to live in New York City, for one year, with no carbon footprint. It was a cute documentary, mostly because of the wife, who unabashedly loves reality TV and frappuccinos. Mostly though, the things the family does - eating locally, giving up meat, composting their food waste, commuting by bicycle or their own two feet - are things that I already do, so while I was amused I was not exactly impressed. Granted, it's harder to do those things in NYC, and also I would not turn off my electricity, so maybe I'm being too hard on them. I did enjoy the movie, and I think it's a good way to present sustainable living to a mainstream audience who might not otherwise consider worm composting in their apartment. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out.

 I do not look good in glasses. Also, time for a haircut! Stat!

On Saturday morning, we slept in. I went to yoga and then we had a late breakfast at the Farmers' Market compliments of Merci's World Cuisine (black beans and plantains!) before heading to Lufkin, mostly to go to Target. Then we relaxed until it was time to head to my semi-surprise birthday party at Amy's. Even though I knew the time and place of the party, I did not know any of the details and - most importantly - I didn't have to lift a finger to make it happen. As someone who is notorious for throwing herself birthday parties, this was a welcome change of pace. And the party was lots of fun - tons of dogs, a pinata, delicious food, good friends, and a circle of folks holding sparklers while singing "Happy Birthday" in the backyard. Human candles?! Yes, please! It was a great night, and I'm grateful to everyone - especially Nathan and Amy - for making it happen.

Sunday was equally pleasant. I woke up hangover-free (yay for moderation and good gin!) and made pancakes while a still exhausted Calvin slept at my feet. Then Nathan and I walked the dogs and relaxed around the house. He watched a movie; I read the latest issue of Runners' World (with a huge feature about running with your dog!). At 3pm, we headed to Java Jacks for the monthly Scrabble club meeting. I played two games and lost both, but I'm definitely playing better than I used to. All that Words with Friends is working!

After Scrabble, it was time for kickball, during which I mostly stayed on the sidelines, disciplining socializing Calvin. The weather had cooled down to a breezy 92 and it was fun to watch the game and chat with my friends. All in all, a great ending to a fantastic birthday weekend.

Today is my real birthday and even though I had to go to work, I am still finding small ways to celebrate. Lunch with my favorite lady friends, vegan cupcakes at work (recipe coming tomorrow!), awesome presents from Nathan, and a good dinner all await me. So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy those things (and get some work done). Here's to 28!