Friday, August 06, 2010

friday +/-

Forgive me while I talk about the weather for a moment.

This has been the hottest week of the summer yet. And for East Texas, that's saying something. Each day, the temperature has easily soared to 100 degrees. With humidity at 90%, the heat index has been 110. This is not an exaggeration. It literally hurts to go outside. Breathing is difficult, sweat is a fact of life, and I have to walk the dogs on strangers' lawns because the pavement burns their feet. The weather has for sure been the main minus this week. And, now that I think about it, the only minus. While it's been a quiet week, it hasn't been bad at all. In that case, let's forget the weather for a moment and move right on to the pluses!

+ There are only three weeks left until the Hotter'N'Hell. My training has gone downhill in a big way, but I do believe I'm capable of finishing the 100 mile ride. And after three weeks, I can return my focus to running. Can't wait!

+ I have developed a very expensive addiction to sushi. Sweet potato rolls, avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, miso soup, steamed and salted edamame and - most of all - wasabi! I crave these things like nobody's business and we'd been going to the one sushi place in town at least once a week for my fix. Good for the soul, not for the wallet. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend on campus and braved the sushi counter in the Student Center. It was... not terrible! Much cheaper than a full dinner for two, and enough wasabi to give my sinuses the burn for which I yearn. I'm happy with this new find.

+ New commenters and subscribers! Despite taking a week off from blogging, I've had a lot of new friends pass through my little blog and I want you to know that every comment you leave, every spike in my stats, makes me smile and renews my dedication to building this space into something that adds to the blogging community. I try to comment at least once a week on my favorite blogs, because I know how much that feedback means. So again - thank you!

+ It's Friday, and my 28th birthday is Monday, which means - BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Since I love my birthday with the passion of a six year old, this will be an exciting three days.

+ The adjustment to our new family member is progressing well. Calvin is beginning to get used to our schedule and Seamus, while still visibly annoyed at the puppy's presence, is being more tolerable with each passing day. Calvin's Friday +/- would go something like this:
- Still biting and snapping, though not nearly as much.
- Barking in Seamus' face when Seamus is tired and clearly not in a mood to play.
- Stealing laundry from the hamper, especially Nathan's dirty socks.
- Peeing in the house at night, unless he's "crated" (aka, placed in kitchen, behind the baby gate).

+ No poops in the house at all, and makes an effort to let us know when he needs to pee.
+ Sleeps through the night beautifully when placed in the kitchen at bedtime.
+ Behaves nicely when allowed off-leash at the park.
+ Responds to his name and the world "NO!"
+ When properly exercised/worn out, exhibits independence by retreating to the kitchen for a nap on his own accord.
+ Still totally, ridiculously adorable. 
Sure, we complain a bit, and get frustrated, and wonder why we thought a puppy was a good idea, but mostly we lucked out. Calvin's minues are all typical puppy behavior and nothing he won't grow out of soon enough with a little discipline and love. We're getting there and in the meantime, he is awfully cute when he has a mouth full of dirty socks.

That was my (and Calvin's) week. How was yours? 

* All photos taken at Banita Creek Park, which serves as our surrogate backyard/unofficial dog park.