Friday, August 20, 2010

friday +/-

Friday already? This has been a fast week! Between training Calvin, getting my scooter, and reviving my MFA goals, I'm definitely ready for the weekend. But first, your weekly shakedown.

New friend on the railing!

In the not-so-hot:

- Running after work, on the treadmill. Listen. I am a morning runner. I love waking up in the dark and putting in my miles while the sun rises above me. I love finishing my workout while most people are just getting out of bed. But I am now the owner of not one, but two dogs, one of which requires a lengthy morning walk in order to keep him tired and better-behaved for the rest of the day. Miss that morning walk, and by lunch time we have a disaster on our hands. For the last two weeks, I've been walking the dogs for an hour each morning, and going to the rec center at night to run on the treadmill. Not ideal, and definitely cuts into my yoga practice, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully as Calvin gets older and the weather improves, I can transition back to running outside. Until then, I am lucky to have the treadmill option.

- I got my scooter, but I still need to get it registered, get insurance, update my license, and get an SFA parking sticker before I can drive it to work. I'm hoping to take care of all that by the middle of next week.

- I'm behind on my august writing goals, but I plan to spend some quality time at the coffee shop this Sunday (IE, away from wrestling, barking, playing dogs) and getting things done. Wish me luck!

- I work on a college campus. Right now, students and faculty are in the sweet space of time between semesters, know as intersession, while staff remain behind, toiling away at their desks. Maybe I want a coffee from the student center, or a snack. Well guess what? I can't have one. That's right - during these two weeks, everything shuts down, leaving staff high and dry, hungry and decaffeinated. While I have enjoyed the ease of parking and the peace and quiet, I am not convinced that this is a fair trade.

In the hot-hot-hotter list:

+ While I was typing this, I got a text from Nathan, informing me that he just got a big fat raise at work. We're already discussing how to best celebrate this evening. Yay, Nathan!

+ Despite being forced to run in the evenings, half marathon training is going pretty well. This time around, I am actually paying attention to things like tempo runs and speed workouts, instead of running solely for distance. I'm hoping this will make me a faster, stronger runner. We'll see!

+ Have you heard of Healthy Living Blogs? It is "a website designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world." I don't really consider my blog to be "healthy living," even though I touch on lots of topics that fall into that genre. I'm more of a "happy living blog," which is close enough. At any rate, I joined the directory and have been clicking through to new blogs whenever I get a spare few minutes. Lots of good stuff over there, so check it out!

+ A good weekend planned, which will include but is not limited to: a trip to Lufkin to finally get my iPhone fixed, a nine mile run, some home improvement projects, and ample time to relax and reconnect. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope the same for you. Until then!