Sunday, August 01, 2010

sunday pupdate x two

First, a video.

Did you catch that? No? How about this.

Yes, we named the puppy Calvin. It was the only name that neither of us completely hated, plus he has a pretty awesome (and fitting) namesake. Calvin, but you can call him Cal. 

Calvin and Seamus have been enjoying very hot evenings at the park, which means they play and chase and tug for about fifteen minutes before collapsing in the grass, panting and exhausted. This photo was taken about three seconds before collapse time. 

Little Calvin is hard to take photos of, because he rarely stops moving.  And, just for fun, here's an old photo of Seamus right around when we adopted him from the pound. I think he's about Calvin's age in this photo, so somewhere between two and three months. So tiny!

We have loose plans to go to a lake today, as it's supposed to be 103 degrees, which should provide some great opportunities for photos, videos, and general relaxation. Hope you're having a great weekend!