Monday, August 23, 2010

weekend adventures: coffee and lakes

My weekend was one of highs and lows but, like most days, the good outweighed the bad. Let's recap, shall we?

Even though I'm usually worn out from the work week by the time Friday rolls around, doing something fun in the evening tends to make the weekend seem twice as long. This Friday was no exception. After getting home from work, eating dinner, and taking care of the dogs, we realized we had just enough time to catch the end of a friend's solo show at the art center. It was a good show, and after rounded up a nice mix of people and headed to the Fredonia for pitchers of beer and portobello fries. Since Nathan had just learned of his raise, he bought a round of drinks for the first time in his life, and was very proud. We got home around midnight and promptly passed out.

Saturday morning was quite productive. Yoga was canceled (power in the studio went out and no one likes accidental Bikram!) so Nathan and I spent the morning on the space off our back porch, adding supports to the dirt and building a flower bed. Our apartment has a nice porch area and backs up against a thicket of trees, which offers a lot of excellent privacy. Erosion destroyed the former supports, so we decided to replace them and get ourselves a little more space. We extended our flower bed and built a secure edge, plus I finally learned how to properly swing a hammer, which is an excellent skill to possess.

While we were building, we got a message from our new friends G. and E., inviting us to Lake Nacogdoches for an afternoon swim with the dogs. As you could tell from the Sunday Pupdate, we went and had a lovely time. In the evening, we headed to Mary T's home for an ice-cream social, where we celebrated our dear friend's birthday and wished her the best present ever - the birth of her son, due any day now! 

Sunday is where a perfectly pleasant weekend began to go terribly, terribly wrong. Nathan and I slept in (bad idea) and then headed out for a nine mile run (worse idea). It was already 85 degrees and an 89% humidity, but we would not be deterred. My goal was to run at a 10:10 pace, and I was on target for the first three miles. At mile four, I got nauseous - too much breakfast, too close to running time. I didn't bring enough water or any energy gels to eat out on the trail. I needed to take walking breaks, and right at mile six I fell down and banged up my knee. Stupid tree roots. I ended up running only eight miles at miserably slow pace and when I was done, my lower back was killing me! I get lower back pain often, and sometimes it's so bad I can't even bend over at the waist. Yesterday was one of those days. After a few hours, a hot shower, and some light yoga I loosened up, but it was not a fun time.

We were pretty exhausted for the rest of the day and basically hung around the house, hiding from the oppressive heat with a puppy too full of unexpendable energy. What do you do when it's too hot to go outside before 9pm, but your puppy needs exercise in order to be a functional member of your family? I'll tell you what you do. Rawhide bones. Desperate times, my friends. Desperate times.We did manage to hang out at Java Jacks for a few hours, where I busily researched MFA programs and found a solid handful that seem like they'll be a good fit. More on that later...

So that was my weekend! How was yours? Did you fall while running on a trail, or cook an especially delicious meal, or complete a rite of summer before the season ends? Let's celebrate our weekends together!