Friday, September 03, 2010

friday! friday! friday!

Guys! It's Friday, and Monday is Labor Day, and that means beginning at 5pm on the dot, I will be relishing a rare THREE DAY WEEKEND! This calls for celebration. This calls for projects (new linoleum in the kitchen? Perhaps!). This calls for rest and relaxation and a long run and lots of writing. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first!

 This is why I don't have too many photos of Calvin. He never stops moving!

Things about this past week that got me down:
- Despite planning out my dinners for the week, as usual, I didn't stick to the list at all. We had weird meals and even ordered a pizza last night. Must plan better next week!
- My procrastination is out of control. Scooter paperwork, getting books for class, ordering a wedding gift, finding a dress for the wedding, finishing the yoga newsletter. All in progress, and by progress, I mean totally stalled. Must break this habit soon.

I love weeks where the minus list is nice and short! Moving on to the good stuff.
+ Calvin's obedience training class is picking up! We're learning more tricks, he's doing really well, and class totally exhausts him. Plus the instructor said he would be "a great dog." I am so relieved, and so proud of the progress he's made these last few weeks.
+ Speaking of classes, I started my fiction workshop last night and I love it. There is nothing I like better than sitting in a room of people, talking about stories and writing. It was like coming home. 
+ Even though the scooter isn't quite street legal, I rode it to yoga on Wednesday evening and did not fall off or crash into the sidewalk. Progress!
+ We've had rain nearly every day this week, which translates to cozy evenings on the couch, with a glass of wine and the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

I guess that about sums it up. It's been a quietly busy week, for which I'm grateful. And now - onward to the weekend!