Friday, September 24, 2010

recipe: eralda's polenta and sausage salad

Here's something delicious to start your Friday!

My friend Eralda had a blog, which she updates not nearly often enough. I say this because, in addition to being a great writer and a wonderful friend, she is also a brilliant chef. In fact, one of my favorite recipes comes courtesy of her - I made it whenever I have the time to make vegan sausage at home (using the recipe from Vegan Brunch, but a similar recipe can be found here).

Eralda's recipe is quick and easy enough to make on a weeknight, which I love. You can cook the polenta and the sausage on the stove-top while the oven does the heavy lifting with the roasted veggies, and you can substitute fresh basil for oregano if you have two huge basil plants growing in your yard, as I do. Don't skip on the lemon, though. The lemon is key.

Do yourself a favor and make this as soon as you can. And then, check out the rest of The Split Pea for more deliciousness - a good number of Eralda's recipes are vegan/vegetarian, or can easily be tweaked to make them so (like this one). Yum!