Thursday, October 21, 2010

defeating the sneaky hate spiral

Last night I found myself at the beginning of a Sneaky Hate Spiral. Everything was going fine until I got home from yoga and found that Nathan hadn't started dinner yet. I was starving and cranky, and he suggested we go out to eat. Since I have had sushi about nine times in the last two weeks, we decided to go to Chili's instead. Yes, Chili's. I am not a huge fan of Chili's, but thought, "How hard could a margarita and some veggie fajitas be?" Harder than they seem, apparently. On the way home, I already started to feel sick from the food and had a perhaps melodramatic cry as I bemoaned our sadly limited options for fine dining here in East Texas. I slept badly, skipped my run this morning, and argued with Nathan over breakfast. I'm trying to turn this day around before I get too far into the Spiral and never fear - things are already beginning to look up. The fact that I am 27th in the Good Mood Blogger contest is helping (keep those votes coming!) and so in honor of the all the clicks y'all have been giving me, I thought I'd give you a photo montage of some of the things that make me happiest.

Puppies are sweet and loving, even when they wake you up at 4am and you can't go back to sleep. 

I love riding my scooter around town. Love, love, love it. Yesterday I had to fill the gas tank for the second time since I bought it, and it cost me a whopping total of $2.57. 

Even though I miss the range of seasons in the North (remind me again what this thing you call "autumn" is?) East Texas can be pretty damn beautiful in it's own humid, piney way. 

Blue shoes and yellow flowers, in a dress borrowed from a good friend, at the wedding of another good friend. So many versions of love in one photo!

In addition to sweet potato sushi rolls and doing headstands in yoga, soy lattes complete the triumvirate of things that never fail to make me smile.

Okay. I think the Sneaky Hate Spiral is officially held at bay. I hope you're all having a great day and remember - Friday is just around the corner! Also, if you haven't voted yet today (from your work computer, home computer, and mobile devices!) please do so now. It only takes a second and I would love to break into the top 20 today! We're so close! 


  1. You've made me happier too with this post. :)

  2. I think that's the best way to combat negativity - to start listing all the great and positive things that are making us happy. And thank you for sharing the link to 'Hyperbole and a half' - I hadn't seen that before and I love it!

    PS: Can I just say that I'm so jealous of that scooter?? I want one too... *sighs*

  3. I'll try to do a voting marathon for you vote from each of our 27 public computers. :-)

    Love your montage and hope your feeling up again!

  4. I see you're going through something similar. I was on my way downward again this morning (getting up early to get gas to get to work in time but getting trapped in our garage, something I knew might happen but I parked there anyway...) but I remembered all the other things going on that can and will make me happy today and this weekend. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  5. I had a melodramatic cry last night, too. Got a ticket in the mail for running a red light in Diboll (and I'm about 110% sure that John was driving!) This morning sucked: Slept in, no breakfast, cranky boyfriend, dog had vet appointment...Lots of things happening lately!

    Must be the current phase of the moon.

    Got you 30 votes today - probably won't get nearly that many in a single day again, but hey - I'm proud.

  6. 30 votes!?!? So YOU'RE the reason I broke 500 today! I so appreciate your hard work on my behalf! And I do hope that you're sneaky hate spiral ends soon. I think blaming it on the moon is a fine idea!

  7. I think you just made me happier with these photos! I was on the verge of a sneaky hate spiral yesterday myself, but pizza and episodes of Buffy kept it at bay.

  8. Aww, your so cute.. can't actually picture you in a hate spriral.. we are all allowed to get cranky from time to time and being hungry does that to me in an instant! I voted again. I will do my best to vote on all the computers we have. You will so rock that Good Mood Blogger role!

  9. Thank you Christie! I am just amazed at the support and votes that have been coming in for me. Y'all are the reason I'm in such a good mood!