Friday, October 22, 2010

friday +/-

What a week! And I mean that in the best possible way. But first - the minuses.

- Still struggling to get in more than three runs a week. Three seems to be my limit lately, and while I'm logging between 20-25 miles each week, I still feel like I should be doing more. On the other hand, I've been having some tightness in my hip/groin area. Not sure if it's from yoga or the hilly, speedy 5 miler I did on Tuesday night, but either way I'm keeping my eye on it. Hopefully next week will be better (and less humid - autumn, where are you?!).

I just sat here for about five minutes trying to think of another not-so-good thing about this last week and I couldn't come up with anything. On to the great things!

+ You. Guys. I am currently in 17th place in the Good Mood Blogger contest! 17th! I cannot believe how many people are voting for and supporting me in this. So many tweets on Twitter... so many reposts on Facebook... so many comments, and kind words, and oh! the clicks! I'm just honored and tickled and pleased, and even if I don't win I think the experience of running will ensure that I am in a good mood for the next three years, minimum. (But I do think I have a really good chance of winning so please - keep voting! The contest doesn't end until November 10th and I just have to stay in the top 20!)

+ Have I sung the praises of coffee lately? Kate wrote a post about coffee today, and I'm drinking some right now. Once upon a time I drank too much coffee. I also used to drink it black, exclusively. Lately, though, my tastes have changed! My new coffee routine goes like this: before work, fill 12 oz travel much with 8 oz coffee, 4 oz almond milk. Enjoy at desk. At lunch, fill 12 oz travel much with 6 oz coffee, 6 oz almond milk. Return to desk and sip until drink is gone. This means during the week I drink less than two cups of coffee a day AND get an extra cup of almond milk squeezed in - good for the bones! Yay for coffee!

+ When we first brought Calvin home, we got him a cute - but cheap - collar that closed with a plastic buckle, knowing he would soon grow out of it. While it still fits, we learned that it cannot stand up to his strength! Yesterday at the park, he yanked so hard on the leash that he snapped the plastic part in half. (Note: he is actually pretty good on the leash most of the time - this was an anomaly.) Instead of being annoyed that we have to replace the collar, I am proud that my puppy is growing into such a big, healthy dog.

+ And lastly, in no particular order: new cookbooks, exciting weekend plans, friends who campaign on your behalf, buying a $65.00 dog bed for $4.00 because you won a gift card on a blog, realizing that running in the evening isn't *so* bad, and Yes. That about covers it.

I hope you had a + heavy week and are gearing up for a mighty fine weekend. Until Monday! (And keep voting!)