Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend adventures

 This is about as festive as I get.

If I'm moving a little slowly this weekend, it's because I had a busy and productive weekend. Please forgive any typos that you might see - I definitely need extra coffee today.

Friday! We had BIG PLANS to go to a cool new music/performing arts venue on Friday night, but after Nathan ran 17.5 miles and I did a 7 mile speed workout, it was already late and we still had to shower, eat, and take care of the dogs. So we ended up staying in watching shows on Hulu. Yes. We're old. On the bright side, running at times other than 6am is working out well for my fitness, even if my social life suffers.

Saturday! I got up early and walked the dogs, but we took longer than I thought and when I got home I had exactly 9 minutes to book it to yoga. Good thing I live in a small town, because we made it with nearly 30 seconds to spare - and we biked there! Close one. Yoga was especially hard - I underestimated how tough the previous night's run had been, and my legs were burning!

The recipe came from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

After yoga, we headed home and Nathan finished the last bit of the kitchen floor while I baked 4 batches of vegan chocolate chip cookies for the Literary Reading. It was a really nice and relaxing day - the dogs were sweet, Calvin learned how to play fetch in the parking lot, and I got to drink a beer in the middle of the day, which is my favorite time for drinking (and is not conductive working full time/avoiding alcoholism. Alas). Then, it was time for the reading! We had a really good turnout this time - over 70 people! - and by the end of the night, there was not a cookie to be seen. I did not read this time around, but I did emcee and I think I'm getting better at the whole hostess thing. Great readers, as usual, and the December reading looks like it should be even better.

Doing my duty as the evening's emcee.

Waiting for the evening to begin! We filled every chair.

After the reading, we headed over to E and B's place for beers around the fire, and I stayed up until 3:00am! Friends, I have not stayed up this late in years. I'm a morning person, through and through, and usually begin to nod off around 11:30, even if I'm in the middle of a loud party or at the movie theater. I have no shame. 3:00am was pretty exciting - we even at a frozen vegan pizza when we got home from the party - it felt like we were in college again! The euphoria faded quickly, however, when 7:45am rolled around and Calvin demanded our care and attention. Puppies don't understand the concept of "sleeping in."

Sunday! Clearly, I was tired. Also, a little hungover. I had a 15 mile run planned but I decided to put it off as long as I could. I did some laundry. I changed the bed sheets. I straightened my desk. I cleaned out the refridgerator and went grocery shopping. Finally, it was 1pm and I couldn't put it off any longer. I set out.

It was hot at 1pm. 81 and humid. I was tired and hungover. When I was on the trail, in the shade, I felt okay and even picked up my pace. But around mile 8, things went downhill and my knees started to ache. I decided to call it quits at ten miles, and I was not sorry. As I said on dailymile, the Old Me would have skipped my long run entirely and been content to feel guilty about if for the rest of the week. But the New Me? The one who is going to rock the Houston Marathon? She runs 10 miles even when she's running on four hours of sleep and a frozen pizza.

After my run, I felt pretty bad. Shaky and tired, and no amount of refueling was making me feel better. I went with Nathan and some friends to shoot guns, and I shot one gun, and then I sat in the shade and waited until it was time to go hone. Once home, I started to make dinner but I was so hungry, and so out of it, that I quickly decided we needed to go out to dinner, and immediately. Twenty minutes later I was slurping miso soup and shoving avocado rolls in my mouth, and only then did I begin to feel normal. I really need to get better about taking care of myself post-long run, especially as the long runs get longer, and longer, and longer.

What I SHOULD have eaten after my run. Gingerbread waffles!

A pretty good weekend overall. On the agenda for this week: do my homework in a timely fashion, complete three writing/revising sessions (I did one this morning!), read a book, and make sure all my meals are homemade. I hope you're having a good Monday and that you had a great weekend!


  1. So the waffles...what brand of waffle iron do you have?

  2. I have no idea! We got it at a yard sale. When it dies, I am definitely getting a Texas-shaped waffle iron. It's been on my WANT list for a long time now!

  3. AWESOME weekend! Sounds like so much fun! I too was hungover on Sunday (it's been so long) plus it was dreary. I skipped my last long run before our half next Sunday (I've actually skipped the last 3 long runs since I've been having hip pain!) and spent time cooking for the upcoming week. I know I can do the miles and the pace, I figure the nutrition is just as important :) I love that purple-y plate!

  4. Thanks! I like my plates too, but I got them before I was into photographing my food and they're not the best for that kind of hobby. Oh, well!

    Hip pain is no joke! I saw your tweet about food prep yesterday and I drooled. Nutritious is delicious!

  5. Wow, I am **so** impressed that you still did the run, even feeling hungover and exhausted. Go you! Your weekend sounds like it was super fun :)