Monday, October 04, 2010

weekend adventures

Sometimes I have trouble getting my weekend recaps started. Do I begin by reflecting on the obvious ("Here we are, another Monday...") or do I open with a descriptive sentence, so you know what you're getting into ("Man, am I tired after my full and exciting weekend!). Sometimes the easiest place to start is the simplest.

Saturday! We woke up around 8am and prepared for a very exciting day. First stop was the SFA Plant Sale, an event that takes place once each semester, and raises money for scholarships or something. I'm not sure. All I really know is that I love to hear the gun go off at 9 on the dot, exciting music blaring, and little old ladies elbowing each other and crashing red wagons together as they rush to grab their pick of the plants. We were there for some azalea bushes so we hung back and let the pros do their thing. We ended up with five little bushes for $30 and were home not even half and hour later.

This was good, as the next leg of our adventure involved dropping the dogs off at Amy and David's, so they would not be cooped up for ten hours as we went on a day trip to... Houston! I had two simple goals for the day. The first was to eat delicious food and the second was to get fitted for a new pair of running shoes at a fancy running store. The food came in the form of Loving Hut, a sweet vegan restaurant run by a seemingly benign (I hope, anyway) religious cult, and the shoes were served up at Luke's Locker, which was perhaps more exciting than the food.

Fried won tons for an appetizer.

A BBQ baguette, which hit the spot.

Chocolate cake, which was dry and too sweet. I think I'm starting to lose my sweet tooth, which is both good and terribly, terribly depressing.

Once we were good and full, it was on to Luke's Locker!

At Luke's, a sales associate watched as I ran a short distance on their indoor track (which was so cute!) and then informed me that I did not pronate and had a very normal gait. Or something like that. At any rate, he ended up bringing me three pairs of shoes to try on and after running in each of them, I finally settled on a pair of Saucony (Sauconies? I should probably know this.). The new shoes are lightweight and very comfortable, and the sales associate showed me a new way to lace my sneakers to my toes don't jam the front of the shoe, causing my toenails to turn black and fall off (an unattractively common occurrence for this girl). You're supposed to replace your shoes every 500 miles and I was running in the same pair I trained for and ran the Austin Marathon in, so I was long over due for a replacement. While at Luke's, I also eyed the Vibram Five Fingers, because it seems everyone in the blogosphere has them and I am green with envy, but I couldn't rationalize/afford spending upwards of $200 on shoes in one day, so they will have to wait. One day, I will be a barefoot runner. Until then, Saucony will carry me through Houston!

Fancy indoor track with a pretend sky. I loved it! 

Shoes go on hands, right? 

In addition to food and shoes, we went some of our other favorite places in Houston. Half price books (I got a book about weight training!), Buffalo Exchange (a new to me dress!), a gun store (that was for Nathan, clearly), and Whole Earth (Spibelt - review coming soon!). And then we ate some more food. And then we drove home. Maybe it seems strange that we drove four hours for running shoes, vegetarian food, and a few other odds and ends, but when you live in East Texas your options are very, very limited. Wal-Mart doesn't exactly carry the best selection of anything, plus entering that store depresses me. Houston was definitely worth the drive.

Sunday! Woke up around 8am, had some toast with peanut butter and a cup of coffee, and then Amy arrived at my door because it was time to go for a run! Amy and I used to run together last winter and spring, but she took the summer off and yesterday was her first time running with me since May. She had on a new pair of Vibrams (envy! jealousy!) and ran the first four miles with me. We went too fast, naturally, because Amy is a yoga instructor and has legs twice as long as mine, plus when I have someone to talk to I forget to watch my pace. We ran our first mile in 8:44 (way too fast!) and then slowed it down to about 9:15 (still too fast!). At mile four we split up and I ran another seven on my own, at a more reasonable pace of about 9:50. It ended up being a great eleven mile run and I'm feeling a little bit better about the half marathon I'm running on the 10th.

 Calvin and I have an ongoing battle with the edge of the couch. He likes to chew and tear the edging...

...I use the staple gun to fix it... 

... and he destroys it again. Good thing we got this couch for free and don't plan on bringing it with us when we move.

For the rest of the day I cleaned the apartment, went grocery shopping, and made cornbread. Then it was time to meet up with J & V for The Social Network. Even though it's hard to make two hours of frantic typing and lawsuits exciting, I enjoyed the film. I'm not sure that it defines our generation and our decade, as one reviewer wrote, but I really liked learning the background of Facebook, especially since the Internet is such a big part of my life.

After the movie, there was a trip to the bar, one too many gin and tonics, and a few games of pool. Then there was black bean chili and cornbread, and then I went too bed, much too late for a Sunday night but totally worth it.

I have a lot of posts planned for this week, including October Writing Goals, our sideyard makeover, and a review of my Spibelt. Until then, I have a to-do list a mile long and a second cup of coffee to help me cross things off. I hope you had a great weekend, and are having a good Monday!