Tuesday, November 09, 2010

30 for 30: Day 2

First things first: the last ten items that I forgot to include yesterday, when I realized I can't count to 30.

I'll describe these items in more detail when I actually wear them, but please note the vegan cowboy boots which I love and am never quite brave enough to wear. This month, that all changes.

Today's outfit includes yet more brown, but I promise I'll wear a non-brown item tomorrow. I am still working on posing, but this morning's photo shows how much I desperately need a haircut. As I am currently growing my hair out, that isn't happening any time soon. C'est la vie. I also tucked in my shirt, which I never, ever do, because the whole Internet would (potentially) see this outfit and I didn't want to look like a slob.

Brown shoes, brown socks. I love brown!

I also love this shirt. My mom got it for me a few years ago and I like that it is both simple and fancy at the same time. I'm a sucker for lace and poofy sleeves, even though that combo can get kind of princessy. I like to think I avoided the princessy thing with all the brown and the pants, but still: dangerous territory. 

PS: Last day to vote! Unless the last day to vote is tomorrow, in which case: second last day to vote! I'm in 20th place and need to stay there to move on to the second and final round, so click click click!


  1. I did my usual four votes this morning and will do more once the computer lab is empty.

    Now on to the outfit. I love this! Tucking is very hard for me to do. I feel awkward and self conscious when I tuck. The tucked look really works for you. You look long and lean and of course sooo pretty!!

  2. Aw, thanks friend! You make me want to post outfits every day. I do like this outfit more than I thought I would. Maybe tucking is my friend? I do NOT like my hair or my facial expression though. Must work on both these things!

  3. I don't subscribe to that every day fashion blog that has that lovely lady on there I think you have nicknamed E? Check out those ladies and their poses. Have Nathan take several photos of you and have fun with it. It's not like your wasting film. :)

  4. I love this outfit! So simple yet dressy all at once.

  5. Those are some seriously amazing boots! Where'd you score those?

  6. It looks like we have a lot in common: libraries, living in Texas, beers, books, and movies! I love the concept of your blog being dedicated to better living. I'm excited to see your remixes!

  7. You have so much color in your wardrobe! I'm a big fan of wearing neutrals and pastels but I love big pops of color! And you're in Texas so boots are always acceptable :) Perhaps with the blue dress?

  8. I love that you are doing this challenge. It marries two of my favorite blog topics to read about: being active and fashion. Two things that I know nothing about. Which is why I read blogs like yours. Good Luck!

  9. @Rebecca - thanks! I'm excited to see your remixes too!

    @running with chopstix - I do love color! I have worn the boots with the blue dress before. Hopefully I'll find a few other ways to wear them too. :)

    @anon - active fashion is awesome!