Monday, November 08, 2010

30for30: Day 1

EDIT: I just recounted my clothing items and realized I only chose 20, instead of 30. I am bad at math and totally failing the math section of the GRE. Will add 10 more items tonight! 

And we're off! Below are my 30 picks for the next month, minus the clothing currently on my body and one pair of jeans, which are still in the dryer. Not pictured are the belts, scarves, coats and jewelry that I'm allowed to wear, but which do not count towards my 30.

I tried to pick a variety of things that I can layer, that do not totally clash, and that are work appropriate (as I spent most of my days at work). Also, I am not big into shoes, as you can see. I hope these three pair will suffice. Cross your fingers!

And as for my first ever outfit photo...

As you can see, I had no idea posing for an outfit photo would be so difficult. Do I put my hands on my hips? Do I look to the side, or straight at the camera? Should I stand on my left leg, smile with teeth or without, stage a scene of some kind? I finally settled on just standing there, and feeling a little bit dumb. Hopefully I'll get better at the whole posing thing as the month wears on.

Today's outfit is my favorite brown skirt (Old Navy), which a shirt my mom bought me last time I was home (Kohl's). Brown shoes from Ross and green tights, because I love tights and we're getting past the time of the year where one can scooter in bare legs and not freeze.

See you tomorrow for Day 2!


  1. The shoes would do me in - I have way too many. I need to pull out my warmer items and see if I can remix too! The first outfit is cute; I hope you plan to post them all. :)

  2. Posing tips (come on, you knew that was going to make me comment): Hands on hips are good, do something to bring your arms away from your body. It also helps to give your hands something to do - this is where accessories come in handy, you can fiddle with a necklace, for example. Put one foot forward and put your weight on your back foot. Turning your body at an angle usually helps too. Generally, you'll want to angle your body towards the direction the light is coming. That's what I have so far - granted, posing is my weak spot, but those are pretty good generic tips.

  3. Thanks Michael! Those are excellent tips! :)

  4. I'm so excited about getting to see you in all sorts of outfits for this project.

    I remember when I used to dress up. *sigh* And why was it only when I was pregnant? Ha.

  5. It's so nice to see what you're wearing! I like your first outfit (green tights!), and can't wait to see the other ones. Will you be posting an outfit every day, or will you do weekly posts?

  6. Thanks guys! You are sweet to indulge me. I think I will post my outfits every day for the month. Unless, of course, my readers totally hate it and tell me so. But y'all have been so nice so far, so I think it will work out. ;)

  7. I felt extremely awkward when I first started posing for outfit shots. It gets easier. Hands on the hips or holding a book or the like are good.

    I love the green tights!

  8. As you can see, I had no idea posing for an outfit photo would be so difficult. Do I put my hands on my hips? Do I look to the side, or straight at the camera? <-- TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN!!!

    who knew it would be so hard?! i really look up to all those style bloggers that always look so carefree/awesome in their shots. :)

    we'll get a hang of it. good luck on the next 30 days!

  9. Trust me, by the end of 30 days, you'll be a pro at taking pictures! You're already off to a good start so keep it up.


  10. I don't think I could do this - I don't have enough clothes!!

  11. oh you look so cute! Keep up the good work. Taking pictures of yourself will only get easier.