Thursday, November 11, 2010

good news and 30 for 30: day 4

Today is an exciting day for a few reasons. The first is that I made it to phase two of the Good Mood Blogger competition! THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me! In the second and final round, I have to make a 90 second video showing why I should be hired for the job. The video is due next week, and you can be sure I'll post it here and beg you for a few more votes. Whee!

The second exciting thing is that today is my and Nathan's eight year anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've been together for that long, but it's also the most natural, simple and easy thing to believe in the world. We've literally grown up together (when we started dating I was only 20 years old and he was 21 - he had to buy me beer!), have overcome distance, immaturity, puppies and our share of bumps in the road. I'm sure we'll have more of all those things in future years, and I look forward to surviving them and thriving as a couple. I love you, Nathan!

The last exciting thing is that I finally got up the courage to wear my vegan cowboy boots to work. Yes, vegan cowboy boots. Now, I'm actually a "bad" vegan, as I occasionally eat local eggs from happy chickens, don't mind honey either way, and try to balance my consumption of man made materials with those derived from animals. I try to make the best choice I can in every situation, and while leather cowboy boots might have a smaller carbon footprint than a pair made from synthetic materials, I feel it's worth it in this case. These boots are a conversation piece, and a great way to get people talking and thinking about their consumption. Also, they are super cute.

Dress is from Target, and a staple in my wardrobe.

See? Super cute.