Thursday, November 18, 2010

the GRE and day 9

I survived the GRE yesterday. I did better when I took it five years ago, probably because I cared more. Only half the schools I'm applying to require the GRE, and the other half need my scores mostly to fulfill an admissions requirement, and not because they really care how I did. Yay for art degrees! I am happy enough with my score and hope to never take the test again, ever. After the test, I spent a very nice afternoon at the coffee shop, working on my applications and drinking a giant soy latte, which made my evening yoga class lots of fun! Ten applications takes a lot of time, and it looks like I'll need to finish my portfolio and personal statements as soon as humanly possible. But writing and editing is way more fun than studying for and sweating through the GRE, so cheers for that!

In other exciting news, my Good Mood Blogger video is finished and has been submitted. It's online and you can find it if you're savvy enough, but I'm going to post it here tomorrow when voting for round two opens. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you'll like it as much as I do!

And now: the 30 for 30. Yes, I'm still missing still some days. Yesterday's photos came out terribly and so I'm going to retake them at some point. I've decided not to stress about this whole 30 for 30 thing, because it's supposed to be fun and as much as I like to over-schedule myself and set slightly impossible goals, stress is not actually fun. But you know what is fun? This outfit. Mostly because of the socks.

Brown and yellow is a favorite combination, and I love any excuse to wear fun socks.

Happy Thursday!