Monday, November 08, 2010

weekend adventures and belated pupdate

Puppies at the park.

What a perfect weekend! Beautiful weather and I managed to squeeze in all the things that make me happy and fulfilled. In loose chronological order:
  • Went out for sushi on Friday night with Nathan (breaking my no-restaurants-in-November rule, and in the first week, too!), followed by an evening spent with friends. 
  • Woke up early on Saturday to run the CASA 5K, a local race. It was a very cold morning, and I did not PR or place in my age group, but it was still a great race and a fun course. Full race report coming later this week! 
  • After the race, we finished up some home projects, cleaned the apartment, and played Mario Kart on the Wii. Then it was 3pm, and I headed over to Mary's to coo at babies and chat with lady friends while drinking coffee and eating a vegan cookie. A perfect afternoon!

  • Nathan and I spent the night in, drinking wine and watching movies. The dogs had spent the afternoon at Amy's and were tired and floppy, and both of them squeezed on the couch and laid their heads in my lap. I was in heaven. 
  • Turned the clocks back before bed and woke up late/early at the same time! After a leisurely morning at the park, I set our for a fifteen mile training run. I never feel like I'm marathon training "for real" until I break 13.1 miles in my training, and this was my first time doing so this time around. Exciting and scary! (And sore...) 
  • After recovering from my run, I made a double batch of vegan sausages and then Nathan and I rode our bikes to J and V's place for a brunch-for-dinner party. Pancakes, biscuits, fruit, and sausage. Oh, and Bloody Marys. And then scewdrivers. And then vodka + whatever fruit juice we could find in the fridge. It was a delicious brinner and a fun bike ride home. ;) 
Like I said - a great weekend! My only regret is that I still haven't posted my 30 for 30 clothing yet. I was finishing up laundry yesterday, but will post them this afternoon along with today's outfit, so stay tuned!

How was your weekend? Did you run any races, finish any projects, or travel to far away places? I love doing different things, but sometimes my favorite weekends are the ones spent in town.