Monday, November 22, 2010

weekend adventures

Another weekend of mostly non-stop action! It started off innocently enough. On Friday night, after taking the dogs to the park and going out for sushi, we had every intention of going to the Pine Knot for some blue grass music in an old church. Alas, the call of the couch was too strong and we ended up staying in and watching The Girl Who Played with Fire on Netflix Instant while cuddling with the pups. I regret nothing.

Saturday was a fun and full day. Because I knew my friends and I were throwing a surprise birthday for our dear friend Eralda, I decided to do my long run on Saturday morning instead of Sunday, when I was well rested and not at all hungover. After taking the dogs to the park and doing some damage at the Farmers' Market, I headed out for 14 miles. It was actually a really good run - I was under my goal pace and I felt strong throughout, however! The second I stopped running and started the short walk home, my legs screamed out in pain and anguish. Okay, it wasn't quite so dramatic, but I was sore! I did legs up the wall pose for about 20 minutes when I got home. After a little yoga, a hot shower, and burrito the size of my head, I felt human again. (And, even with an evening of dancing like a fool and a two hour yoga class on Sunday, my legs never felt sore or achy! Quick recovery, FTW!)

The surprise party was a total success. Our guest of honor had no idea it was coming! The theme of the party was Lady Gaga/Euro-trash/80's discotheque in Albania, and we all dressed accordingly. Between crazy outfits, a beautiful cake, a killer soundtrack, and major dance moves, it was one of our best parties yet.

Sunday was another great day. Sonnie and I decided to see the new Harry Potter movie... at 9:15am! I'd never been to a movie that early before and it was a little surreal, but definitely fun. I thought the movie was great and wasn't at all disappointed, though to be fair I read the books a long time ago and don't remember most of the details. Therefore, anything the movie changed or left out went unnoticed by me. My only complaint is that part two doesn't come out until the summer. I want to watch it now!

In the afternoon, I went to the two hour yoga class I mentioned early. It was a special Ashtanga workshop led by a guest instructor, and it was HARD! By the end of class I was dripping with sweat and physically spent. I like Ashtanga, but I think I prefer my usual Hatha practice first, and Bikram second. Still, yoga is yoga, and it's great to change it up and try different classes.

To end my long, lovely, and action packed weekend, I made a sort of pre-Thanksgiving. We planning to go camping for the actual holiday, but I still wanted a more traditional meal. I made stuffed acorn squash, sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping, and roasted garlicky green beans. It was all very delicious and I hope to get some better photos of the leftovers today. Night time photography sucks. Time to make a light box!

That about sums up my weekend. How was yours? Did you dance like a fool, eat anything spectacular, or participate in any races? Test out my fancy new commenting system and tell me all about it!