Monday, December 20, 2010

The Results Are In

Today I got the email I had been waiting for - the final results of the Good Mood Blogger Gig, for which I'd been campaigning since early November. With your votes, I clawed my way into the top twenty of 780 applicants - no small feat! - and made it to round two. Then I got to work with a good friend to make a video, overcoming my fear of being in front of the camera and creating a 90 second film that I'm still so proud of. Round two of voting went on for three long weeks, and today the judges made their decision.

I didn't win.

While I'm disappointed, I know that Tina Su is a great choice - she's a professional blogger with a loyal following and the perfect attitude, and I'm sure she'll be a wonderful Good Mood Blogger.

As for me, I'm looking on the bright side. Mostly, the fact that so many of you voted for me, reposted the link on Facebook and Twitter, hosted giveaways in my honor, and said a million nice things about me that I probably don't really deserve. (Who am I kidding - I deserve them all!) Sure, I didn't get an awesome job, a new laptop, a ton of money, and a new line on my resume. What I do have is far more valuable. Friends, y'all. Friends who supported me in my crazy Internet endeavors, who believed in my ability to win this contest and do this job. And for that - for YOU - I'm so, so thankful.

Another bright side? The time I would have spent blogging for SAM-e can instead be spent on The New Me - writing interesting and thought-provoking posts, creating recipes and documenting projects that can serve as an inspiration and/or warning, sharing stories of my fitness mishaps and latest adventures, and posting more photos of my dogs. While the Good Mood gig would have been nice, I don't need it to be a good mood blogger. Being in a good mood is who I am, and that's not going to change.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support during this campaign. I've never been all that good at promoting myself and begging for votes, and you guys made it not only easy, but enjoyable. And finally, congratulations to Tina Su - I can't wait to read along and be inspired!