Wednesday, December 01, 2010

second thoughts on style

This morning, I nearly decided to quit the 30 for 30 challenge. After 17 days of remixing the same 20 articles of clothing (because there are still things I haven't worn even once, due to the fact that I chose a few items that don't actually go with anything else - rookie mistake!) I've realized a few things.
  • When purchasing future items of clothing, I will try and think of three ways that I can wear the new item before deciding to buy it. I have too many one-trick ponies in my closet, which is no way for an aspiring minimalist to live. 
  • Related to that first point: I am drawn to garish colors, crazy patterns, and funky cuts. After viewing my photos these last few weeks, I realize these pieces are interesting, but not necessarily flattering. I should aim to own basic, classic items that work for my body and my lifestyle, and then punch up the personality with accessories (scarves, jewelry, belts, headbands, etc.). 
  • Tucking in a shirt does wonders for presentation and professionalism. Wonders! 
  • It is impossible to predict the kinds of clothing one should wear in November, in Texas. This month, the temperatures have ranged from a humid 85, to a stormy 53, to a bone-chillingly cold 29. And all in one week! Which has made dressing myself from a limited section of my closet very difficult indeed.
As you can see, I've learned a lot and feel much more confident about this whole "personal style" thing that has eluded me for so long. I don't see myself ever being a Style Blogger, or a Fashion Maven, or even starting a secret tumblr account to serve as an entry into my anonymous styling career. (Not that I ever considered that. Ahem.) All of which made me think, Okay. Project goals accomplished. Learned my lesson. Why bother finishing the challenge? 17 is just as good as 30, right?


I will probably be the last person to stumble across the 30 for 30 finish line, as I don't really get dressed on the weekends and have skipped a few days here and there. But I will finish. And so, here are the last three days worth of outfits. Enjoy, and I hope you've learned something from this experience as well!

Day 15

An easy weekend outfit. This is my first true remix outfit, as I've worn all of these items for the challenge already.

Day 16

Oh, hey! Another remixed outfit! I had a little trouble with the skirt, which folds over, and the slip I had to wear with the skirt. They bunched up around my middle and it wasn't exactly flattering. Luckily, cowboy boots make everything better.

Day 17

This is today's outfit. I got this skirt at Buffalo Exchange in Houston a few years ago and I love it, even though I don't wear it very often. I had a hard time finding a shirt that went with it, especially from my narrow choices. This was the best I could come up with and I kind of like it. Also, when this photo was being taken I was hating the challenge and wanting to quit, so I don't exactly look pleased to be standing in the cold with no coat. Sorry about that.