Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly +/-

This week, I feel like Calvin looks. (This was taken pre-surgery.)

Y'all, it's been an exhausting week! I've been falling asleep on the couch at 9:30pm just about every night. I'm going to blame the cold weather we've had, the fact that marathon training is getting intense, and the reality of being woken up by a whining puppy at approximately 5:00am every morning. Thank goodness it's Friday!

Despite being tired, this was a pretty good week. But first, the inevitable downsides.

- I haven't made the progress on my MFA applications that I want/need to. First one is due on the 15th, so this weekend will be very busy. 

- Nathan's parents called, and their ten year old dog, Sidney, has fallen very ill. We're not sure if it's cancer or hepatitis at this point, but either way it looks like we won't be able to bring our pups to Illinois for Christmas. While I'll be sad to leave Seamus and Calvin behind, I'm more concerned with Sidney. Please send healing thoughts her way!

- We gave away the old desk in our office, but Nathan is still working on building us a new one. Which means my apartment is currently in disarray and I am desk-less. This bothers me less than I thought it would, which is both a relief and a concern!  In related news, I heart my laptop.

Enough of the negatives. Let's move on to the upside!

+ Despite a rough surgery and a missing testicle, Calvin seems to be recovering very well. While it's hard to keep him from running around and wrestling with Seamus, the fact that he wants to do all those things is a good sign.

Vote for Me
+ Today is the last day to vote for me to be the next SAM-e Good Mood Blogger! If you haven't voted yet, please click this link
and do so now. It only takes two seconds and this is pretty much my dream job. Tell your friends!

+ I'm going to TWO holiday parties this weekend. I'm usually not a huge fan of Christmas (I prefer New Year's) but this year something has shifted, and I'm all about celebrating. It's a nice change!

+ I asked a local cafe and bakery if they would consider carrying vegan baked goods. They asked me to recommend something that would "hold well and have universal appeal." I'm compiling a list of suggestion, but if you have anything to add let me know!

That about covers me week. It's been a slow one, but I'm okay with that - especially considering the holidays are right around the corner, and I can use this quiet time while it's available! How was your week? Mostly on the upside, I hope, and if not - well, it's Friday, and there's always next week to look forward to!